Why Opt For SAP Azure Migration?

SAP Azure Migration

What is so special about SAP Migration to Azure cloud?

When your business enterprise has been running on the on-premise SAP infrastructure, you need to know in detail about SAP’s partnership with Microsoft Azure. SAP has gone on to support the on-premise platform.

What are the benefits you will gain out of SAP Azure migration?

Hence you have to migrate to cloud services when you would like to get the best out of business benefits. While planning to move your overall on-premise IT infrastructure to cloud-oriented solutions and SAP on Azure cloud implementation, you should know the reason.

What do the statistics impart?

A report states that the on-premise ERP software would account for business transformation of nearly 57% as of 2020.

There has been a prominent rise in the performance of Cloud technology. Many business organisations have gone on to identify several advantages related to SAP on Azure cloud implementation partner UK, like getting remote access from a device and cost reduction of several hardware updates with customisable solutions as per the business needs.

When you migrate SAP to Azure, you allow your team to reduce the cost by 20% by following the SAP on Azure best practices. Microsoft’s investment in SAP-related apps to run operations belonging to Finance, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management and so on has been widely acclaimed. iQuantM technologies are the right place to approach in the case of SAP Azure cloud migration services in the UK.

SAP Migration to Azure
SAP Migration to Azure

Why should you migrate SAP to Azure Cloud?

Multiple organisations accept Microsoft Azure as a top cloud computing solution. iQuantM can develop, deploy, manage and test different applications with better security and SAP Azure cloud implementation service during the migration process (SAP Migration to Azure Cloud).

When you move to Azure, these are the benefits you need to be aware of:

Better Documentation

Since SAP and Microsoft have strong documentation supported by a long-term partnership, SAP HANA workloads and databases have enjoyed Microsoft Azure support. SAP and Microsoft have agreed to leverage and share each other’s technology. It can easily streamline cloud integration and SAP Migration on Azure Cloud.

Infrastructure Deployment

Speed is unavoidable when you migrate to the SAP cloud platform on Azure. When you choose Microsoft Azure, it’s time to reduce downtime and disruption. Microsoft Azure can speed up SAP operations. You can deploy SAP infrastructure on MS Azure in less time. You can also improve and restructure your IT environment with the help of iQuantM technologies, an SAP ERP implementation partner UK.

Cost reduction

You can reduce costs at every stage, from expenditure to data security to connectivity. With better production processes, you can easily conduct tests and deploy whenever you require.

Get better customer information.

By migrating to Microsoft Azure, you can get a better advantage and access to your customer data. With MS Azure, you can use advanced tools to get better customer insights. You can innovate your business with technologies such as Machine Learning and Business Intelligence.

No need to invest more in training and onboarding

Since Microsoft Azure and SAP are the topmost companies, many Fortune 500 companies have used both technologies. Every employee can take advantage of these platforms. It would reduce your training or onboarding needs.

Get stronger with security.

Microsoft is known to follow strict privacy policies and compliance when offering high-end customer data security. While moving SAP infrastructure to Azure Cloud, the security is tight when compared to on-premise. You get plenty of configuration options to protect your data using iQuantM SAP Migration to Azure Cloud.


Tips for a successful SAP Azure cloud migration

There are several things to keep in mind when planning a successful SAP migration to Azure:  

  1. Firstly, make sure your SAP ERP system is ready for the move. You’ll need to ensure that all your customisations and add-ons are compatible with the cloud platform and that your system meets the SAP system requirements for the Azure cloud. 
  2. Once you’re confident your system is ready, you’ll need to create a plan for the migration. This plan should include a timeline and a detailed checklist of tasks to be completed.  
  3. You’ll also need to identify the resources needed to complete the migration, such as personnel and budget. 
  4. It is critical to executing the plan without any flaws. It means ensuring all tasks are completed on time and that there is adequate communication between the various teams involved in the migration. 


If there’s a perfect place to do the SAP Azure Cloud Migration in Uk, Leeds, then iQuantM fits your profile. 


How iQuantM can help you out while you migrate SAP to Azure?

Many business organisations are reaping benefits while migrating from on-premise to Microsoft Azure. But it would help if you considered many facts while migrating to Azure.

Choosing the right techniques and tools while selecting the best technology and migration type is important. Instead of sticking to an on-premise solution, you need to upgrade to cloud service to get the best support from SAP, Microsoft Azure, etc.

iQuantM would be able to support you with successful Azure migration. We are a team of experienced professionals to help you with Azure migration. We can perform efficiently as your sap on azure implementation guide. Contact us for more details.


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