SAP Ariba Guided Buying Capability

It’s time to thoroughly understand SAP Ariba Buying capability to streamline your procurement process.  

Now is the right moment to unite all your suppliers and buyers. You can easily streamline procurement by enabling employees to follow legitimate rules as you progress. Let your employees access what they need. 

SAP Ariba provides a guided buying capability to help buyers find the right supplier and product for their needs. This feature makes it easy to find the right supplier and product for your needs and start the buying process. 

What is SAP Ariba’s guided buying capability? 

SAP Ariba’s guided buying capability is a feature that helps buyers quickly find the best products and services for their needs. With guided buying, buyers can input their requirements and receive a list of recommended products and services that meet their needs. The feature also includes a tool that allows buyers to compare the prices and features of different products. 

Do you know that SAP Ariba Guided buying capability module is available along with other modules, with no additional cost?  

Your employees can access smarter solutions while following best market practices. There wouldn’t be any need to know more about it before shopping. 

With SAP Ariba guided buying, you can easily increase your user adoption rate. It can let you reduce the overall savings leakage as well as hefty fees. These are the benefits your employees can avail of: 

  • Buy accessories such as goods and services from the right suppliers to help them perform their tasks 
  • Collaborate with your category experts and suppliers effortlessly 
  • Complete all your purchasing transactions without many struggles 
  • Go along with those purchasing procedures and policies 

Get more convenient access

SAP Ariba integration enables a unified location for all those frequent and occasional buyers while purchasing the needed goods and services for their business.


Leverage Compliant purchasing

All your buyers can access the right items while following all the policies mentioned in their choice of suppliers.


Get far better with regards to Supplier collaboration

An elaborate sourcing engine can boost your two-way engagement and self-service with your suppliers. Request quotes through Ariba Network.


Access Intelligent guidance

Need more policy support? Get intelligent guidance for the buying channel process by integrating it with supplier management capabilities. Your users would know when they are violating a budget policy. They would no longer find it out after they have submitted a request. You always let the SAP Ariba integration company play by the rules.


Streamline your integration

Streamline your existing catalogues and approval flow when you integrate the guided buying capability by enabling the SAP Ariba Buying solution with the help of an SAP Ariba integration company in UK.


Cut and save costs

With better compliance, you can save more and collaborate with more suppliers. In addition, you can allocate more effective strategic organizational initiatives through an SAP Ariba integration company in UK.


Get Personalized dashboards

Enable simplified dashboards providing you with the most wanted guided buying capability to flexibly align and configure permissions, forms, and system behaviour for every user. In addition, they can use customized categories and tiles to streamline their purchasing actions.


SAP promises to be there for its users

Get help when you need it by accessing the content provided by the wholesome SAP Ariba community.

How does it compare to other guided buying solutions?

It is important to compare it to similar solutions to determine how well the guided buying solution works. There are a few different types of guided buying solutions, so it is necessary to compare them to make an accurate determination.

The first type of guided buying solution is the one offered by the vendor. This type of solution is generally the most comprehensive, as it is specifically tailored to the needs of the vendor’s products. However, finding a vendor that offers this type of solution cannot be easy and is generally more expensive than other options.

The second type of solution is the one that a third-party provider offers. This solution is generally less expensive than the vendor-provided solution but less comprehensive. It is often more difficult to find a third-party provider that offers a guided buying solution than it is to find a vendor that provides one.

The third type of solution is the one that is offered by a customer portal. This type is generally the least expensive and the most comprehensive. It is often the easiest to find a customer portal that provides a guided buying solution and is generally the most user-friendly.

When comparing guided buying solutions, it is important to consider the cost, comprehensiveness, and ease of use.

Need more support? iQuantM SAP Ariba integration is here to offer. Contact us for more guidance on SAP Ariba-guided buying.


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