SAP Application Management Services for Switch Mobility, a Leading UK-Based EV Manufacturer

about Switch

Switch Mobility UK, a leader in electric bus technology, is driving the UK’s shift to sustainable transport. Their innovative electric buses, including London’s first double-decker EV, position them as a key player in shaping a cleaner future for public transport.


Electric Vehicle Manufacturing 


United Kingdom


£12 Million GBP 

Employee Count


The Challenge

Switch Mobility, a prominent EV manufacturer in the UK, sought to optimize their SAP Application Management Services (AMS) to enhance efficiency and user experience. They required a partner to manage their SAP and IT support, complete their Spain plant’s SAP Rollout, handle multiple integrations, implement an ITSM tool (JIRA) & defect tools, and generate insightful reports for stakeholders. Additionally, establishing SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) was crucial for ensuring measurable performance.


iQuantM partnered with Switch Mobility as their AMS service provider for two years. Our team of experts delivered a comprehensive solution that addressed all their critical requirements: 

  • Improved Business Processes: We streamlined existing SAP workflows to enhance overall operational efficiency. 
  • Enhanced User Support: Our dedicated team provided exceptional support to Switch Mobility’s end users, ensuring prompt resolution of SAP-related queries. 
  • Reliable Service Delivery: We ensured service delivery consistently met the agreed-upon SLAs for SAP applications. 
  • Spain Rollout: We facilitated a smooth SAP rollout for Switch’s Spain Plant. of across Switch Mobility’s Spanish operations. 
  • Stakeholder Updates: We delivered weekly dashboards and reports that kept stakeholders informed about key performance indicators related to SAP applications. 
  • Change Management Implementation: Our team implemented effective change management processes to ensure a smooth transition for SAP users. 
  • Warehouse Management Integration with Barcode Scanning: We integrated Switch Mobility’s warehouse management system with SAP, enabling efficient stock tracking and control through barcode scanning. This improved accuracy and streamlined processes in the warehouse. 
  • VIN Punching Integration: We developed a solution to integrate VIN punching functionality within the SAP system, ensuring proper vehicle identification and data capture during the manufacturing process. 
  • Automatic Production Confirmation: We implemented an automated production confirmation process within SAP, eliminating manual data entry and improving production data accuracy. 
  • Implementation of Defect Tools for QM: We implemented defect management tools enabling efficient identification, tracking, and resolution of production defects. 
  • Weighing Machine Integration: We integrated weighing machines with the SAP system, enabling automatic capture of weight data during the manufacturing process. This eliminated manual data entry errors and improved data accuracy for material usage and inventory management. 

The Results

Key Takeaways

This project provided valuable learnings for both iQuantM and Switch Mobility: 

  • Importance of System Access for AMS: The project highlighted the importance of securing adequate system access for efficient AMS delivery. In future engagements, iQuantM will emphasize this aspect during initial discussions. 
  • Value Addition Through ITIL Tools: The successful implementation of JIRA as an ITSM tool demonstrates the value iQuantM brings through its expertise in best practices and streamlining SAP application management. 

Overall, the iQuantM and Switch Mobility partnership resulted in a remarkable success story.  

We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional SAP Application Management Services and contribute to the growth of our clients. Contact us to learn more. 

The technology and services that we used to support Switch

SAP Rollout
Weighing Machine Integration
BCM Integration
Warehouse management integration with barcode scanning

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