Could you reimagine your business transformation with a reduction of 50% on your IT spending? Is it possible?

What if it is possible in just 60 hours? – Are you all in for our SAP Workshop UK?  With our impeccable consulting experience, we at iQuantM have developed a detailed strategy that helps you optimise your business.  Yes, it is true because our SAP Workshop is what every customer needs. 

Our Exclusive Workshops

iQuantM technologies is here to provide complete guidance for your enterprise’s business transformation roadmap through specialised  SAP Workshop Events.  

We lay a profound foundation to implement and enhance your Business Processes with our SAP Workshop Events UK by your side. Get in touch with our expert team to address all your queries and concerns regarding the Webinar for SAP S/4HANA. 

Do attend our workshops and our Webinar for SAP to gain more insights

Securityfirst SAP SOS

Understand the system and settings that influence your system security. iQuantM's SOS workshop focuses on both internal and external system security. Discover more about the Security Optimization Service used for a more comprehensive security analysis of your system.


SAP S/4HANA Roadmap through RISE with SAP

Does your enterprise understand the need to develop new business models to gain efficiencies and avoid being disrupted fund without any business risk? Through this SAP S/4 HANA Workshop, you can learn the value of RISE with SAP and own your future with an outcome-driven journey.


Transition to Cloud and Landscape Optimization

Do you belong to an organization willing to address a wide range of triggers that impact your systems? Prepare yourself with detailed learning of Cloud Migration as our expert takes you through the Cloud readiness review for your company.


Security First SAP Security Optimization

40 hours
£/$ 3000
  • Assessment of your SAP application & security
  • Identify potential Threats & Vulnerabilities
  • Recommend fixes and best practices

SAP S/4HANA Roadmap through RISE with SAP

60 hours
£/$ 3000
  • Assessment of your current system 
  • Recommendation of Sizing, hardware and choice of deployment
  • Expert guidance and deep dive on RISE with SAP and its benefits 

Transition to Cloud and Landscape Optimization

40 hours
£ 3000
  • Review current landscape and systems 
  • Confirm migration options for customer requirement 
  • Workshops with the IT and Strategy team

Who can attend?

We encourage all interested participants. Additionally, these professionals would be in a position to get the best out of the takeaways: 

  1. CIO
  2. Business Application Owner
  3. SAP Application Manager
  4. IT Strategy Team

Specialized Workshops

Get to know the most important assets in SAP to enhance and transform your enterprise