Cloud Migration Workshop

80% of companies experience operation improvements within the first few months of adopting Cloud Technology.

Register and attend our no-cost personalized workshop to understand how your organization can reap benefits through cloud adoption

Accessibility. Availability. Scalability.

IT workload balance

Our Technical expert will assess your organization’s SAP system landscape and provide detailed consultation on resource utilization and workload management.

Cost optimization

Analyze SAP infrastructure landscape to help your organization select the most cost-effective architecture that can deliver the required performance.

 We take a keen look at your business’s requirements to suggest the optimal financial model & the data storage requirements for your company.


Interact personally with our technical expert and receive discrete guidance on Cloud migration for your organization.

Why attend this workshop?

Equip yourself with complete understanding of Cloud Migration as our expert carries out the Cloud readiness assessment for your organization. By the end of this workshop, you will have thorough understanding on cost estimation, planning, data migration, app integrations, and much more details that will benefit your cloud migration project.

This workshop aims to provide you with Bird's eye Pre-view of your organization's IT advancements post cloud adoption.

Who can attend?

We encourage all interested participants. Additionally, these professionals would be in a position to get the best out of the takeaways:

Cloud Migration Workshop

Attend our value added no-cost personalized workshop and migrate to cloud sooner than you thought!

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