SAP Enables

New business models and services to compete in a new economy

Wholesale distributors can now drive new revenue sources, reduce costs, and differentiate their business with digital transformation and support new business models and customer-specific services.

80% of wholesale distributors say that they are concerned about the impact on costs and profitability with the increase of business-to-consumer orders.


Wholesale distributors in Forbe's Global 2000 are SAP Customers


Wholesale distributors in 133 countries innovate with SAP solutions


of companies understand trade-offs Between SLA's & inventory investments


Customers in wholesale distribution believe simplification with IT investments is important

Business challenges in wholesale distribution industries

Warehouse management

Complicated pricing strategies

Partner management

Logistics & operations

Retail companies are balancing disruption and continuity. Survival for businesses post COVID-19 depends on Digital transformation ?

Business values with SAP solutions

Manage strategic and operational relationships with suppliers to reduce the cost of goods sold & streamline operations, and decrease overhead costs
Enable financial excellence by supporting all the phases of financial management, from accounting and controlling to profitability analytics
Improve inbound and outbound processes and warehouse management to accurately measure the performance of core warehouse operations
Increase profitability by eliminating back order and expedite costs & manage multi-channel order fulfillment process

How SAP can help Experience Intelligent Enterprise

Are you future ready with SAP S/4HANA for your Enterprise?