What should you know about SLH-ACR?

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Get to know in detail about SLH-ACR.

Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR) is the most robust reporting tool in the market. It’s available on S/4HANA Cloud and On Premise Editions. This single frame architecture and value-addition in SAP S/4HANA can allow every customer to create compliant reports to the Government and Taxation Authorities with time and formats as per your choice. This tool can provide you with compliant reports suitable for legal requirements. With COVID 19, this tool has become extremely necessary whenever you need to include legal changes. When you include ACR, your team would be able to provide the needed file formats with A to Z integration with Taxation Authorities in countries such as UK, USA, Canada, India and so on.


SLH-ACR helps countries with comprehensive taxation. In many nations such as UK, USA and Canada, the legal reporting framework isn’t as simple as it seems. (praising sentence) This application can reduce maintenance costs and also application development costs for every customer.


There are also a few factors you need to consider for ACR implementation:

  • Process changes involved in Asset Purchase and Sale
  • Fix tax codes and create recurring documents
  • Update the right GL Accounts meant for Tax Postings
  • Fill Product Gaps in ACR
  • Bring in Training and User Enablement
  • Needed issues from the Government and Tax Authorities
  • Skills needed to manage ACR implementation


Top Advantages of SAP Advanced Compliance Reporting

It was quite easy to generate better statutory reports using SAP ECC. Using SAP S/4HANA meant for Advanced Compliance Reporting, you can achieve easier compliance using statutory reporting requirements across the globe. These are the benefits included:


  • Analyse and review the information in tabular mode or data preview.
  • Replicate your data from non-SAP sources through Excel templates and APIs.
  • Generate country-oriented legal reports in different output formations such as PDF, XBRL, XML and TXT for meeting government regulations.
  • Enable SAP ACR in your SAP S/4HANA system.

  • Use built-in reports and dashboards to monitor and view your statutory reporting deadlines, tasks and submission statuses.

  • Manage user-friendly environment to enable external support.
  • Get better vernacular support.
  • Easy integration
  • Simple to use UI/UX
  • Get system updates on 3-month basis for ensuring long-term compliance.

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud meant for Advanced Compliance Reporting, you can easily achieve compliance on a global level. Whenever there is a new legal tax reporting need, you can get a solution meant for SAP ACR.


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