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The deadline for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative is nearing! Is your enterprise ready for this transformation? No? Then this Webcast for Making Tax Digital is for you! 

HMRC is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s most digitally advanced tax administrations! With fundamental changes being made, the Making Tax Digital Webcast is a key part of our plans to ensure effective, efficient, and error-free tax submissions. The way your enterprise has been filing its taxes will change. 

How can enterprises connect their SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA system to HMRC’s portals? How can enterprises ensure hassle-free tax filings? 

This Webcast for Making Tax Digital UK will answer all these questions and more.  

Making Tax Digital Webcast in UK is conducted exclusively for the members of the UKISUG. It will enlighten you and provide a roadmap for your enterprise to align with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital mandate. 

With SAP Localization Hub, you can access Advance Compliance Reporting, SAP’s HMRC-approved solution for Making Tax Digital Webinar. Your SAP Environment can seamlessly integrate in real-time with HMRC’s tax portals to enable easy and hassle-free communication between your SAP ERP system and HMRC. 

You can automate and track tax submissions with HMRC and be aligned with HMRC’s policies. As a SaaS product, SAP SLH-ACR comes with quarterly updates and 24×7 support services, and maintenance is taken care of by SAP themselves! You can minimize costs with an optimized subscription plan while increasing efficiency related to the Webinar for Making Tax Digital UK. 

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