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No-Nonsense Webinar on Bank Payment Factory Automation using SAP BCM/MBC

Automate and track your vendor, customer and employee payments with your bank!

Why this webcast?

Automate and track your vendor, customer and employee payments with your bank!

If there is one thing, we have all realised during the COVID pandemic, it is that technology-enabled all of us to stay connected with each other, throughout this unforeseen disruption.

Enterprises now understand and appreciate the value of investing in good technology, especially automation. An example of a business process that was greatly affected is the end-to-end tracking of financial transactions from and to customers, vendors, and employees. Already being a time consuming and tiring task, enterprises around the world faced more difficulties working from home!

By investing in a solution for Bank Payment automation, Banking and treasury automation, Payment Centralization or Automated payments, CFOs and the finance teams can track every single step and status of their incoming and outgoing payments. 

A solution like SAP Bank Communication Management and SAP Multi-bank Connectivity can streamline and automate your payment processing and tracking to save a great deal of time, money and energy that can otherwise be directed to other tasks. This webinar is a platform for us to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over our years of implementing intelligent solutions like Bank Payment Factory Automations, Financial services network and SAP FSN Connector to ensure ERP Bank Connectivity to enterprises across the globe.

Did you know this complicated process can be automated so you can work even from the comfort of your home?

What will you learn from this Webcast?

  • Why is Bank integration, Corporate connectivity and treasury management a necessity now?
  • How will investing in a solution for payment tracking help me and my company?
  • Should I allocate a budget to invest in bank communication management?
  • Can you show me a demo of a payment factory automation?
  • How will I implement such a solution for my enterprise?
  • Who will support me through this and after?
  • What other transformation is advised for 2021?

Who should attend this Webcast?

Chief Financial Officer
Finance Manager
IT Manager
ERP Manager
Sourcing and Procurement Manager and Others

Interact with our speaker

Lokesh comes with a deep knowledge of SAP having worked on various versions of SAP from 4.6c to SAP S/4HANA 1809 and even SAP S/4HANA Cloud. He has evolved and grown along with SAP in his professional career and has completed multiple successful implementations and conversions.

With a strong SAP FI/CO background, Lokesh has gained recognition for his expertise in SAP BCM and MBC. He has been a major part of multiple global implementations including 3 SAP BCM/MBC implementations and roll-outs for enterprises across the globe. He has also led 3 end to end SAP S/4HANA conversions and has great experience in Making Tax Digital using SLH-ACR.

With his vast experience steadily gained over 10+ years, Lokesh has a lot of knowledge to offer to enterprises requiring an automated solution for the vendor, customer and employee payments. He looks forward to connecting, collaborating and helping you automate your bank payments.

Phone Number:

UK: +44 20 4526 5177

USA: +1 469 716 4542



SAP MBC acts as a single point corporate-to-bank connectivity increasing the visibility and control over all the financial transactions that take place periodically. It helps connect the financial institutions with the corporate through secure network with the support of SWIFT.




SAP Bank Communication Management helps in implementing various level of approval workflows for payments made from an organization before processing that payment with the bank. Payments that are to be initiated are grouped together in a payment run and these batches are triggered for workflows. SAP BCM monitors both the incoming and outgoing workflows to track the cash flow within an organization.

There is no uptime or downtime required during the implementation process of SAP MBC or SAP BCM

It is a SaaS product, therefore SAP stores data on cloud that is highly secured. Further information regarding security and compliance can be collected from SAP Trust Center.

SWIFT helps in the connectivity of the business(corporate) to the bank in order to provide direct integration.

How many banks can I integrate with my ERP?

Please register for the webinar to understand more about SAP MBC and SAP BCM. If you have any doubts or questions please mail us at [email protected] or get in touch through one of the following numbers




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