What did Valentine’s Day mean to the supply chain industry?

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Valentine’s day has ended all well for many folks. Even though cupid deserves a lot more credit for uniting those star-struck lovers, it’s the efforts taken by logistics providers, manufacturers and the supply chain industry that we should all be thankful for.

What are the Valentine’s day challenges and how did manufacturers handle it?

Valentine’s Day without flowers? Manufacturers knew that’s impossible

For instance, let’s talk about flowers. No one likes to gift their loved one with a perished flower, do they? Hence it has to stored, kept cool and delivered at the right time to create that magical vibe. This would obviously need more time-obsessed cold chain processes.

Take a look at this Valentines day stats: around 25% of the flowers that are sold in the EU would belong originally to far-off nations such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Ecuador. The florist should maintain the right temperature while keeping them fragrant and fresh for nearly 3 weeks. Tracking and monitoring the temperature fluctuations are a must. The journey from farm-to-hand can be quite complex. Valentine’s Day business and logistics isn’t a joke, is it?

The flower has to cross refrigerated trucks, rooms, airport, supply chain partners and finally, to the consumer on the D-day. To track this process, many businesses leverage sensor technologies and barcodes to integrate the information to the supply chain business. Leveraging the best logistics network can help every business achieve more transparency and real-time visibility. An effective Valentine’s Day supply chain planning can help customers improve customer satisfaction, increase their ROI and cut costs.

While red roses will be the most popular choices forever, orange roses took the least favoured position in 2017. How do we know this Valentine day sales statistics? Dig out such hidden gems of data with SAP Analytics Cloud. If businesses make such data their valentine on this lovable day, they can win the hearts of their customers by knowing what they prefer before-hand and keep up with the competition.

From Belgium waffles to dark chocolates, logistics rules!

The next set of challenges would be faced meticulously by food manufacturers. Who wouldn’t love to surprise their loved ones with a bar of home-made chocolates or a scoop of delicious chocolate brownie? Chocolate can be extremely temperature sensitive. In case of any dry weather or incidents, it has to be immediately reported and sorted out.

Here comes the supply chain department to your rescue.

They take diligent steps to reduce disappointments, while opting for sustainable supply chain methodologies. They always track down the logistics by getting an upper hand on transportation planning by enabling solutions such as SAP global track and trace. With this cloud service, you can easily monitor every event that involves inventories, partners and assets across different distributed processes. You can also streamline your Valentine’s day business effectively.


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That Midas touch of CRM for customized gifts 

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is incomplete and unfulfilling without a customized gift. How about a personalized photo frame or a shirt? Sounds exciting, right? To get this done for that memorable surprise, customization happens at the manufacturing phase itself. To bring that customized gift to their customer, they need to involve effective logistics optimization along with network collaboration. Routing the orders, right from delivering it to the printing location to sending the end product to the customer would require a dedicated logistics and customer care team.

With an effective logistics management and CRM software such as SAP, businesses can fix the cracks in the supply chain management and stand by their customers to let them cherish the day.

Gifts needn’t be a ‘thing’ always, but it poses Valentine’s day challenges for businesses

As per National Retail Federation (NRF) observation, around 24% of consumers love to give “gifts of experience” like spa, sporting events or tickets to concerts. The event booking would start earlier. Right from tracking the last minute cancellation to special seats, an effective CRM system can act as your best friend.

If the supply chain, logistics and customer management are synchronized properly, it would be a win-win situation for both customers and businesses.

Are you a business looking for the right SAP partners to set-right your business processes during such special events? Contact us.

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