What are the top services offered by iQuantM Technologies services?

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iQuantM Technologies is a new-age SAP Consulting company serving clients across UK, USA and Canada. We have taken the pride of offering smart SAP solutions to small and medium enterprises while catering industry verticals that includes manufacturing, energy, utilities, construction and professional services.

As a focused SAP business partner, we are innovating businesses with four major SAP services:

  • Business transformation
  • Financial Transformation as a Service
  • Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management
  • SAP Application Managed Services


Business Transformation as a Service

Business Transformation wouldn’t take place without a plan or a strategy. With business transformation, you can approach every project with innovation and forward-thinking options. With solutions such as robotics, Internet of Things and cognitive learning, you can transform your business like a pro.


iQuantM applies the power of different accelerators and tools with an qualitative approach. Enable our digital automation solutions to transform areas such as S/4HANA Conversion, Cloud Adoption, Cloud ERP and iRPA.


From finance and accounting, sales, sourcing and procurement, you can get industry-specific solutions catering to the right audience in terms of digital process re-engineering and global business services.

Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management

Unleash the power of managing entire project lifecycle from a single, centralised source. Track your portfolio, right from forecasting to accounting.

Develop better products and services with your hands on profitability. Optimise your resources and speed up your time to market. Get seamless integration over financial and logistic information.

Enabling Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management can help you out in tracking equipment information through cloud. Maintain and manage all your fixed assets under a central repository to handle equipment tracking. Get real-time business and performance insights and analytics. Resolving your customer issues and maximising asset availability becomes simpler.

Why depend on iQuantM for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management solutions?

Get on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment, identify project risks, track the performance of the project through reporting on the basis of live data and get reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) via preconfigured integration.

We can help you make the best out of central project repository, portfolio alignment and integrate across various processes with an elaborate resource management solution.

From Professional Services Automation to Commercial Project Management (CPM), we are here to support you.

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Financial transformation as a service

Every CFO faces a unique set of challenges in this digital age. These challenges have the ability to change every organisation’s core strategy while pressurizing you to deliver real-time value for every internal customer. The advent of new technologies in the market has promoted efficient processes in the form of AI, automation and bots with real-time accessible data. Mastering internal and external compliance via embedded and robust control framework is a must.

iQuantM can let this happen through digital finance transformation with intelligent SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, Business Transformation cloud solutions, Analytics, Central Finance, Business Planning and Consolidation.

With machine learning, you can predict your business outcome and understand which decision would lead to more profits, reduce loss and improve accuracy. You can enhance your overall efficiency and get better insights on the working capital on your books.

We let you make the best out of SAP Cash Application to get intelligent receivable matching automation while handling manual financial processes.

Our experts can let you take advantage of SAP iRPA, SAP’s homegrown intelligent Robotic Process Automation tool to automate every manual process at one go.

Every finance technology solution has the responsibility to support more digital businesses. Get better insights through performance dashboards, real-time reports, mobile, cloud and intelligent automation. iQuantM can solve every business challenge in the finance sector by offering you with the right consultation.

Why should you trust iQuantM with Finance transformation?

iQuantM is a well-known name in the industry, helping our clients across UK, US and Canada where we help customers implement and transform the intelligent SAP solutions. We offer core support in top S/4HANA functionalities such as Receivables Management, Central Finance, IFRS compliance, Real Estate Management and Automation. With our deep knowledge on finance transformation, we can control end-to-end financial processes and frameworks.

We can support you across Payment Factory Automation, BPC, Group Reporting, Financial Closing Cockpit, Extended Ledger and Country Specific Requirements. With our strong experience, we would be able to handle any customized solutions for your business in addition to embracing the industry best practices.

SAP Application Managed Service

SAP Managed Services can offer every company with an extension of professional SAP experts with an impeccable knowledge on SAP applications. Following ITSM practices, procedures and policies to let you manage all the services you deliver to your end users, as well as ITIL framework to effectively implement ITSM, we can help our customers tackle the responsibilities of Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management with Best practices in the market.


With a responsibility assignment matrix, also known as RACI matrix, you can set straight your requirement to define different project roles and responsibilities between your organisation as well as its SAP Managed Services partner. When you know whom to approach, you can get an hands-on familiarity with the SAP process.


How can iQuantM help you out with this?

We offer a robust IT infrastructure support to handle your business demands as well as IT projects. These are the reasons why businesses depend upon us:

  • We are SAP-certified experts
  • We offer high-end operational service level agreements (SLAs)
  • We can easily guarantee a certain uptime level
  • We have several years of experience in SAP application management
  • We ensure higher customer satisfaction levels
  • We can let you meet all the budget and needs of your business running on SAP

Do you need further information? Let’s have a conversation.

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