How can technology support the professional service industry?

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What is professional services industry? Why do Professional Services Exist?

We are functioning on our urge to prove our expertise to the world. We would also equally prefer experts to complete our requirements, rather than amateurs. That’s the reason why the professional services industry was born. The effect specialization has on us is a huge concept. Hence we need to choose the right expert with practical experience to perform different functions. This is the answer to your question “What is professional services industry?”

The development of technology in the recent days has contributed immensely to the growth and the future of Professional services industry. Hence we need to remember that updating and keeping up with the latest technologies and the professional services industry trends is more important than keeping up with the Kardashians.

What has caused the disruptions?

Increase in competition: Many Freelancer sites such as Freelancer, Upwork, People Per Hour, as well as much more global players have gone on to commoditize a portion of the freelancing work of the professional services industry. There are millions of freelance professionals in these websites alone involved in the competition. You can imagine the level of competition outside the zone, without professional services automation.


Deregulation: There is going to be less restrictions on every aspect of service providers ownership as well as the way they would offer all their services. This can go on to innovate professional services business model present earlier owing to regulatory restrictions.


Changes in client demands: The clients are opting for digital methods rather than brick-and-mortar way of shopping increasingly. Many corporate buyers are also focusing on value, ask for fixed fees as well as expect pricing transparency. They are also choosing different providers to handle different tasks (à la carte model). Majority of the clients research thoroughly before making a purchase decision.

Professional services industry
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How can technologies such as Artificial Intelligence help Professional Services automation?

Wondering what factors are transforming the professional services industry?

The professional services industry has went on to show a slow progress in adapting and implementing different technological changes. The customers needn’t necessarily keep up with this trend. The industry has to work hard to catch up with different developments. But when they achieve this target, they can crack complex processes and tasks while simplifying them with the right technology. It can also impact the analyze and research processes.

Using different crowdsourcing models, knowledge platforms and sharing models would find a commonplace among businesses.

Machines have the ability to reduce uncertainty, and essentially, Artificial Intelligence is doing an awesome job in that context!

What factors are transforming the professional services industry? These are those!

What role does Digital technology such as Artificial Intelligence play?

Since technologies such as ERP System and Artificial Intelligence have played a leading role to shape the future of the professional services industry, it’s time for us to focus on the latest trends and roles hidden behind it.

The technological development can act as a solution enabler for this industry for the future of Professional services industry.

What are the benefits?

Increase in service quality: When firms start using Artificial intelligence and Big data in their business, they would be simplifying many complex tasks on a regular basis. The high-end growth in computing power using systems such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Watson and Siri can improve your business by reducing the amount of time spent on medical and legal research. Indeed, industry 4.0 can improve the overall service quality.


Automation at its best: Evolving from pure talent to standardization to systemization will hasten the process and change the game. To streamline the business process, automation can make the roadmap smoother for you.


Preventing upcoming problems: With real-time data and insights, you can involve problem-solving techniques with AI to identify potential problems and sort it down.


Digital marketplaces for different services: With more independent freelancers and contract-based employees in 2021, not to forget that more than half of the workforce is operating from home, you can expect digital marketplaces to handle various services. With an ERP System such as SAP, it becomes easy to track the employee performance, invoice management, ticket management and so on.


Transparent processes in place: When you can source different services through online marketplaces, you can digitize your talent and ensure transparency. You can find the right person to get your job done. The client would have much power.


Knowledge sharing platforms on-the-go: When you have solutions such as Machine learning in place, you can get better data on your customer behaviour. You can also get employee and customer-based updates with an ERP Software, making peer-to-peer advice and collaboration easier.


Market reach increase: With enhanced communication methodologies such as an ERP System in hand, you can skyrocket your business’s market reach while providing more opportunities to connect with global clients.


These are the reasons why you need to opt for AI-powered solutions such as SAP S/4HANA for the professional industry.

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