How to start and run S/4HANA Conversion activities

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With SAP pushing all the existing customers to move to S/4HANA many global companies have already started their journey towards S/4HANA.
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SAP System Conversion

If you are one among those companies thinking to move to S/4HANA on-premises ERP or cloud then you must follow the below steps to check if your production system is compatible to be converted to run on HANA.

  • Start with maintenance Planner
  • Run SUM Pre-requisite check
  • Create ERP SandBox using Production Data
  • SandBox conversion
  • Starting your Development System Conversion
  • Development Conversion
  • Starting your Quality System Conversion
  • Quality Conversion
  • Starting your Production System Conversion

(i) Start with maintenance planner

By running SAP Maintenance Planner, you will get a document output generated that would indicate if there are any conversion blocks with respect to your current SAP ECC system. Some examples of the conversion blocks can be a incompatible product version or an existing business function which would hinder the SAP S/4HANA conversion. If the status of the SAP Maintenance Planner gives you a red flag, then then conversion might not be possible.

(ii) Run SUM Pre-requisite check

An additional execution of SUM Pre-requisite check would help in performing the necessary checks to validate the readiness of the OS, Database and SPAM by determining the

  • Source OS version
  • Source database version
  • SPAM patch level

(iii) Create ERP SandBox using Production Data

It is important to understand that the development and the quality system will have different components and product version, by some parallel projects under validation whereas it might not be available in the production system. Therefore, analysing if all the data on the production system is ready for conversion is a primary step.

The execution document that is obtained as a outcome of this step will help in telling the areas of issues and problems that would be faced during the actual conversion process.

(iv) SandBox conversion

At this phase it is highly necessary to check if there are any serious issues that would result in a failure of the conversion or upgradation process. The SandBox Conversion step also aids in determining if any of the following pre-project activities are to be adopted for the conversion.

  • Data Management
  • Add-ons
  • Business Functions
  • Version Interoperability
  • Custom Code Related Activities
  • SAP Fiori Adoption
  • SAP S/4HANA Compatibility Scope
  • Customer Vendor Integration – CVI Conversion
  • Settlement Management
  • MRP Areas


Moreover, it is also important to run the Simplification Item Check tool in all the clients at this phase since the conversion process involves the entire system to be converted. Therefore, resolving all the inconsistences (the yellow and red items) is needed before moving further.

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