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Digital transformation is underpinned with the drive to innovate, expand and emerge as industry leaders.

It is a preening approach undertaken by businesses involved in utilities sector where environmental, regulatory, technological and operational challenges might overtake every day activities. How do businesses scale to heights by tackling all the day-to-day bottlenecks?

That’s where SAP utilities module would charm the charmed ones in the industry.

It is a 360-degree solution for enterprises willing to streamline the core entities of business. With a sense of premonition and awareness, enterprises can plan their tasks and execute it. With the Fiori-based UI, streamline your marketing activities with SAP Utilities module.

Learn about the top ordeals faced by the utilities industry

These are the core industry offerings of SAP Utilities module:

Idea Management: Got a game-changing idea for your business? Translate them into triumphant services, products, and business model with SAP Utilities module.

Top features of SAP Energy Idea Management:
Encourage interdisciplinary team spirit to develop foresighted idea development by taking care of social collaboration features.
Bid adieu to the innovation silos across various business units, functions and geographies.

Enterprise Asset Management: Handle high performing utility assets such as plants, pipelines, substations and cables.

Top features of SAP utilities Asset Management solutions:

  • Reduce downtime, investment planning and life-cycle costs with real-time operations and business data binned by a single view. 
  • With analytics and field force enablement, you can collaborate digitally and support advanced level maintenance strategies.
  • Leverage all the functionalities of SAP Leonardo technology such as Machine Learning and IoT to deliver sensor-based insights. 
  • Get access to the complete benefits of digital twin technology for predictive engineering insights, simulations and 3D visualizations.
  • Take care of asset prediction, strategy, optimization and performance. Give preference to health, environment and health.

Portfolio & Project Management:

Develop top products. Maintain the end-to-end project processes with SAP utilities. Take control of product development (R&D), IT capital, commercial and maintenance projects on a centralized platform.

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Top features of SAP energy portfolio management:

  • Right from ideation to proposal creation, you can avail end-to-end support such as ranking the proposals against each project to get performance insights.
  • You can get a grip on the early risk detection and minimize any upcoming project delays.
  • Align your portfolios with industry strategy while you analyze performance and risk in real-time.

Metering and Markets: Ensure that you always deliver robust, comprehensive and flexible support to manage the entire lifecycle of the meter with processing water data and energy.
Drive operational efficiency in warehousing, purchasing, inspection and removal of smart meters and electro mechanic meters.

Top features of SAP energy Metering and markets:

  • It is a matter of trust in any business. You can enable high-end energy settlement processes while optimizing market communications.
  • Reduce manual efforts through integrated serialization, warehouse and inventory management, purchasing and serialization.
  • Get support to meter inspection and procurement processes such as goods receipt, requisition, retirement and transfer activities as per regional market needs.
  • Go on with smart-meter rollout processes with integrated business functions and automated workflows.
  • Handle your time series data wisely. Enable validate, estimate and edit (VEE) framework to get an upper hand on validation rules.
    Reduce efforts needed to integrate with the external systems for high volume of data through CIM-internal standard (IEC 61968-9) standards.

High-end Customer Experience: Hold on to 360-degree customer view and personalize your offers.

Top features of SAP Energy customer experience management (Previously known as SAP CRM for utilities)

  • Boost your marketing campaigns with the aid of backend integration and utilities enhancements.
  • Get birds eye view on your customer profile with marketing recommendations. Enable customer identification for B2C with enterprise preference along with consent management.
  • Experience better sentiment and internet analysis.

Field Service Excellence: This is for you to deliver high-end customer service while moving that extra mile to cater to both simple B2C and complex B2B customers.

Get access to all these features in SAP Energy Field Service management:

  • Project Management
  • Extended work forms
  • Service experience management
  • Field service management
  • Employment engagement management
  • Experience management

Bill to Cash Management: Are you ready for the transformation of your manual finance handlings into SAP solutions meant for Billing, invoice and revenue management? These are the benefits you can achieve with SAP Finance module:

  • Streamline Bill-to-cash process
  • Handle utility invoice management
  • Get proper support for grid usage billing
  • Ensure the automation of billing process
  • Avoid unpaid utilities bill

Cross SAP Industry solutions

SAP Intelligent App operations: Be flexible enough in such a way that you meet every horizons of maintenance, infrastructure, enhancement and new development needs.

SAP Finance: Handle your receivables, provide smarter collections, protect your entire revenue cycle and diminish losses with the sharp edge features provided by SAP Finance.

SAP Procurement: Manage the entire spending of your enterprise, drive your entire procurement savings and get primary competitive advantage from SAP procurement model.

SAP Supply Chain Management: Improve your entire energy balance forecast with the SAP Supply Chain Management module.

SAP HR Management: Create a bridge for HR activities with advisory services along with HR transformation activities and application management services.

Do you need more support? iQuantM is here to guide you and help you out when you need the right SAP Solution for the utilities industry. Contact us for more support.

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