5 Major Challenges Faced During SAP Upgrade

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Majority of the SAP customers are still sticking on to ECC. Apart from SAP ECC to S/4HANA migration, customers have to look deeply into how they can upgrade their SAP system to the next version easily. With plenty of options such as third party maintenance and system change stability, we need to wrap up old coding techniques and jump on to what’s trending in the current market.

SAP Upgrade challenges

What are the challenges faced during SAP Upgrade?

For many SAP users, upgradation is a tedious process. Since it can demand a lot of investment, S/4 instances would fall under the cloud or become accesible via integrations. Hence it is extremely important for businesses to take a note of the difficulties faced by the customers and offer the most productive solutions.

These are the few challenges faced by businesses:

Production Change Freeze: Not every IT team is a fan of working weekends to compensate cutover. It would be a huge challenge even for businesses utilising planned downtime to work along with the complex upgrade projects.

Risky processes: It is a huge challenge for businesses when they have to deal with project landscape, otherwise known as N+1 or parallel rail. When you can expect changes happening during production support, businesses can find it extremely tiresome to track the progress. To get rid of accidental regression during cutover, you can no more rely upon manual spreadsheet.

Critical issues: If businesses don’t take proper care of a few mandatory tasks such as dealing with SAP add-ons, it would soon lead to project failure. This might also endanger the upgrade project completely where you might not have any other way left than to restart the upgrade process.

Issues with testing: Interface testing plays a major role in SAP upgrade project. When the number of interfaces are comparatively high, you might miss out on testing every individual interface. The classification happens on the basis of criticality of the business.

Loss of transactions: When there are transactions awaiting the system, you need to test and debug them and cross-check without fail. This will save you from unwanted troubles within your team.

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SAP Upgrade challenges are common. A few issues include critical issues, testing issues, loss of transactions, risky processes and production change freeze.

When you update your SAP products, it is to apply support patches, packs, or hotfixes. We use the Upgrade term during product release.

SAP Version refers to the latest version of SAP unrolled by the ERP giant. You need to mitigate SAP Upgrade challenges with the right SAP implementation partner and upgrade SAP to the latest version.

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