Unleash the potential of SAP S/4HANA for Oil & Gas Industry 

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The global energy demand is surging to increase by the rate of 50% by 2030. Oil & Gas industry would act as an inevitable source of energy with an active increase in the Natural Gas contribution

With Gas being deemed as a vital energy source in production and demand across many cities, we need to rely on solutions that are cost-effective. It shouldn’t awake the avarice of lengthy, tiresome processes hindering the development. With the aegis of SAP S/4HANA solutions, every company can simplify and streamline all the operations with an effervescence of perfection with oil & gas ERP solution.  

Gallop high with the innovative technologies bestowed by SAP S/4HANA oil and gas asset management ERP software.  

Are you conscious of the fact that 80% of decision makers would depend on acquiring the right access to all the information at the right time? Every energy enterprise should adapt to the market conditions.   

Enterprise resources planning software is a boon for every business willing to progress. Many top oil & gas companies in UK have been using it at present.  

With regards to  sap plant maintenance oil and gas, they would be able to understand all these facts clearly. These are the factors which you can effectively oversee with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for upstream oil and gas solutions:  

  • Navigate Global Energy Policy Changes   
  • ROCE   
  • Time to First Oil   
  • Reserve Replacement   
  • Productivity   
  • Overall Asset Effectiveness   
  • Cost of Goods Sold   
  • Carbon Footprint 


Learn more about Oil and Gas industry challenges

SAP Oil & Gas industry

What are the topmost business challenges faced by the Oil & Gas Industry?

Rapidly Changing Business Portfolio  

The Oil & Gas industry is full of ups and downs. As we know, after the downturn of events in 2014 to 2017, majority of the upstream companies have reduced costs, upskilled their portfolios, improved their assets and faced a high time adapting to the industry standards for supply chain in oil and gas with ERP Software.  

Lack of Transparency  

Transparency consists of different facets. But the best way to describe it would be how it involves ready access to comprehensive, reliable, understandable, timely and international comparison of information. The information must pass considerably to different stakeholders, thus emulating engagement. This becomes a challenge in the Oil & Gas industry.  

Managing old Plants and Equipment  

Asset Management would get high on your tie if you are manually maintaining the old plants and equipment. You need a disruptive technology to develop the most robust solutions. The Oil and Gas ERP systems would be your helping hand in this case.  

Slow Reaction on Customer’s needs   

With intensified competition, every industry must focus on providing streamlined solutions, to avoid fallout with their customer. With the ever growing changes and demands in the O&G industry, every business must ensure that they are on the right track in solving customer’s requirements with Oil and Gas ERP systems.  

Product Variability   

With inconsistent quality, you need to keep track of the plant, product and shift. It might prove to be a tough job if maintained solely in an excel sheet instead of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for upstream oil and gas and sap oil and gas downstream.  

Increased Risk  

Market Volatility can lead on to high off grade that are produced along with wide quality swings. Managing it is extremely vital for supply chain in oil and gas.  

Lack of business predictability  

Getting real-time business forecast is crucial for business performance to plan, and recommend new plans to affect results. We can use Oil & Gas software to accomplish that.  

Varying process conditions  

Higher energy use can lead on to variations in the process conditions. Making note of it is of top priority with sap cloud for analytics.  

Hidden capacity  

We need to focus on the capacity which might lead on to inefficient grade transitions & conservative operation with sap cloud for analytics.  

Poor Documentation of Complex Business  

Most of the Oil & Gas businesses still focus on traditional methods to handle complex business processes without compact solutions like SAP plant maintenance oil and gas.  

SAP Oil & Gas industry

Why your Oil & Gas business needs SAP S/4HANA?

The demand for the Oil & Gas industry would grow by 65% from 50%. The demand growth would see a major shift in every developing country.  

  • SAP cloud for analytics is the most beloved Advisor for the Oil & Gas Industry.  
  • >20 years of SAP industry expertise   
  • >700 oil & gas customers (~2% of SAP)   
  • >1,000,000 global Oil and Gas SAP Users (~10% of SAP)   
  • 100% of the Oil & Gas companies listed in Fortune 500 are running SAP   
  • +76 % operating margin with historical and forward-looking views into financial and operational performance.   
  • 33% of the top 20 market share leaders will be significantly disrupted by new competitors   
  • 15% higher productivity for connected workers by digitizing assets and humans   
  • $95 Billion worth offerings in Oil & Gas  

Let iQuantM support you as your SAP partner for oil and gas asset management. 

Business Value to achieve with  Integrated SAP HANA Oil and Gas solution

SAP Chemical industry| Chemical management software

With SAP S/4HANA, you can make use of the best innovations or capabilities of SAP oil & gas software. You can enlarge your operational efficiencies and ROCE while entreating the energy supply setbacks. You can optimize your asset management, initiate projects with the right analytics, gain better insights for fact-based investment decisions and handle safety measures effectively. With SAP, these would be the additional benefits for oil and gas companies in UK:  

These are the values you can acquire through SAP plant maintenance oil and gas:  

  • 70% increase in data accuracy for fuel orders   
  • 50% improvement in processing hours for orders   
  • 45% improvement in time for service for refuelling   
  • Minimize time to close the entities’ books by 50%   
  • Reduce cost of financial reporting by 40%   
  • Enhance compliance and accuracy by 50%   
  • Reduce cycle times and manual effort by 40%   
  • Minimize operating costs by10%   
  • Improve profitability by 0.5%   
  • Optimize return on marketing investments by15%   
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 40%   
  • Increase percentage of sales reps achieving quota by 17%   
  • Decrease average handling time (AHT) by 50%   
  • Reduce service cost by 20%   
  • Reduce inventory levels by 2%–5% with SAP remote logistics management.  

With SAP S/4HANA, you can handle Asset Management, Manufacturing and Refining, Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Finance and Supply Chain the right way with SAP HANA Oil and Gas solution.  

Are you a part of Oil and gas companies in UK?  With iQuantM as your SAP partner, you can achieve a lot more in the industry with SAP remote logistics management and enterprise resources planning software.  Contact us to know more.

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