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There will be a spike in the global demand for the oil & gas industry by 50% by 2030. With SAP HANA Oil & Gas solutions, you can easily crack the requirements. iQuantM can support inevitably
Challenges in the Chemical industry| SAP Solutions


58% of chemical companies conjure digital technologies to outsmart their industry peers.⇒

Setbacks abound in the Chemical industry. But tough businesses withstand tough challenges, skyrocketed by tough technological solutions like SAP S/4HANA chemical management software.

Product commodization, margin pressure, uncertainty with supply chain management, exerting inertia of global competitors, accelerating customer expectations and regulatory controls- We know it!

It could be any external challenges such as changes in the raw material prices or geopolitical climates. You might also need to tackle higher capital costs. Wouldn’t you need a robust solution to stand on your ground firmly amidst all these setbacks like SAP S/4HANA for chemical industry?

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SAP S/4HANA| Chemical industry| SAP Solutions

How to sustain the evolving market demands in the chemical industry?

SAP S/4HANA chemical management software can support you to the core. 

SAP S/4HANA lets you incorporate emerging technologies leisurely such as ML, IoT and RPA. Add to it the cloud-enabled business-data platform. 

  • A perfect combo to outwit the bottlenecks faced by the Chemical industry.
  • Exuberant capabilities of SAP S/4HANA for Chemical Industry
  • Indulge efficiently in Supply Chain Management 
  • Be it demand or procurement management, promote linking visibility, business planning, analytics and processes. Deal with production to market demands with in-memory computing processes powered by real-time material requirement planning (MRP). With technologies like AR and Mobile apps, you can simply every process with improved productivity and safety. 
  • Collaborate with business ecosystem 
  • Share your data, enable business apps, involve in proprietary co-development, work closely with service providers, suppliers along with other business partners. 
  • Manage your assets as per chemical industry trends
  • It could be managing physical assets or investing in tremendous resources, companies can invest tremendous resources in physical assets and equipment. Optimization of uptime, tracking assets, performing predictive maintenance and reduction of costs become a breeze with SAP S/4HANA for chemical industry.

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SAP for Oil & Gas industry

Why your chemical business should go together with SAP chemical management software? 

The motto propagated widely by SAP, Optimize, extend and transform, would explain the capabilities of SAP in the business with respect to chemical industry trends.

  • Optimize customer retention rates, integrated operations management and cash application. 
  • Extend predictive quality, asset intelligence network and product integrity. 
  • Transform collaborative research and development with innovation-driven processes. 
  • As for your organization, you can bring planning & production, finance, procurement, sales & logistics, quality assurance and procurement under a single block with SAP chemical management software and quality management software. 
  • No need to interdepend on different ERP system for different processes. 

Top reasons why your competitors are shifting on to SAP chemical management software. 

  • M&A – SAP S/4HANA can trigger activities related to implementations  

  • Digital Transformation – Your Digital initiatives would require you to simplify standard processes and data landscape when you move to S/4HANA from ECC, thus cutting costs. 

  • Your aging workforce would require you to get on the standards based on SAP S/4HANA for chemical industry 

  • Respond to dynamic, ever-evolving market environments with a combo of OLAP and OLTP which is present in Smart Business Cockpits 

  • Get access to high-end business insights, system simplification, and process automation powered by Machine Learning 

When are you going to shift over to SAP chemical management software and quality management software? Need further support with respect to SAP S/4HANA conversion? 


Contact the experienced SAP consultants at iQuantM. Right from assessment, deployment or pre-checks and custom code, we can be there right at your service when need demands. We deliver on time, leaving no stones unturned for quality processes. 


Let us know what you think about SAP S/4HANA for chemical industry. We are open to collaboration at any time.

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