SAP on Azure

Handle transactions the right way. Leverage analytics in-memory on a single data copy while accelerating all your business processes accompanied by BI

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Why SAP on Azure?

Get more improved, simplified and modernized processes with operational control. Streamline the overall reporting operation and get more similar advantages with SAP on Azure

Performance and scalability

With Azure Mv2 VMs, you can scale up to 208 vCPUs/6TB now and 12 TB shortly. SAP HANA Large Instances (HLI) is a dedicated service that offers scalability for more than 12 TB of database requirement

Efficiency and operation

Achieve efficiency in your recipe ERP system with the use of Microsoft Azure. Simplify the deployment architecture with shared file bases on enterprise NFS to tackle more critical high availability requirement within the application server. Azure remove’s the block replication devices that protected the ASAP shared file. No more pacemaker clasher used by ASAP shared files for protection. Leverage Azure portal, Azure CLI or PowerShell the Azure net app files to configure with an option to resize the Netapp files on the fly. The diagram below describes the simplified SAP on Azure architecture for shared files using Netapp

Designing for Efficiency and Operations

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Availability and recoverability

Designing for availability ensures that your mission critical SAP applications such as SAP ERP or S/4HANA have high-availability (HA) provisions applied. These HA provisions ensure the application is resilient to both hardware and software failures and that the SAP application uptime is secured to meet your service-level-agreements (SLAs)

Design for Security

The advanced AI technology available in Microsoft Azure whichen enables threat detection and secure your data. SAP on Azure is delivered using the IaaS cloud model, which means security protections are built into the service by Microsoft at the physical data center, physical network, and physical hosts

SAP on Azure - forrester report


Forrester reports showed that businesses experienced payback on their Azure investment in a short time period of 9 months.

This is what they went on to achieve:

  • Reduction in the time to market for all the SAP releases worth 3.3 million dollars.
  • Cost savings of $7.2 million dollars in legacy infrastructure