Get to know how SAP ERP for Retail is used for merchandise management

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Have you ever felt it excruciating when you wanted to update the rise or fall of prices in certain products to your client? SAP ERP for Retail can help you out!

Does handling transaction seem like an off call? With SAP ERP for Retail and SAP S/4HANA Retail for Merchandise management, you have the backpack you need to start your business journey. Powered by the SAP Fiori user-experience, it provides you with simple data model containing embedded analytics functions. SAP ERP for Retail would be that transactional pillar where you can offer every customer with an integrated, omnichannel platform supporting the digitalization pursuits.

SAP solutions can make master data entry, bonus pay calculation, store announcements, point of sale accounting and replenishments a breeze. To put it in a cowry, you can enjoy all the benefits of SAP Hybris marketing, SAP ERP for retail, and SAP customer activity repository.

Understand SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management 

Let’s get a gist on what’s new in SAP S/4HANA in Retail:

• Execution of every online transaction would happen in the e-commerce platform directly
• The replacement for central table would be the indexes and aggregates for inventory management
• No need to prepare the required data in the data warehouses, otherwise known as Cockpits, to get the needed operational insights
• Better transparency starting from order to delivery
Support Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA for Retail

SAP ERP for Retail and Digital Transformation

The world is interconnected. The data we consume, the data we replicate, the data imprints the users leave…everything can be mined to provide valuable customer service. With the behavioral information of the customer embodied with predictive analysis, businesses can make better decisions on customer engagement. They can identify innovative ways to build customer loyalty. Streamlining the entire operational process to create an adoptive workforce becomes simple. Personalization of offers gets a commonplace. How does all this happen?

With ruling technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning, by providing solid foundation for master data and smooth logistics, you can make all these wonders happen with great level of accuracy and value. SAP S/4HANA Retail for Merchandise management supports these processes. Using additional forecasting algorithms, you can easily achieve store level replenishment.

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What are the top features in SAP ERP for Retail, especially SAP Merchandising for Retail?

There are a plethora of features allowing you to create an adoptive and wholesome workforce.

• Manage the Screen sequence
• Integrated article maintenance, data on basic view
• Track the merchandise hierarchy
• Get control over the listing
• Attach various additionals to your article
• Display better margin by linking sales and purchase price in the article
• Get links to different planogram apps
• Get access to credit card information for your store
• Link your customer or vendors to your site
• Prepare Bill of Materials at an instant

These are the functional benefits you can expect with SAP ERP for Retail

• Fewer stock-outs: Connect securedly with customers and vendors across the globe in the case of supply chain management. Leverage the short product lifecycles and forgo the complex processes. Get access to high quality processes. Set track of the procurement journeys. Reduce the revenue loss upto 3% to 5%.
• Reduced markdowns: If you are a fashion or consumer electronics retailers, get, set and rolling with season management and optimized ordering processes across different product lifecycle. Keep an eye on the product availability, thus reducing the markdowns by 10%.
• Lower costs of inventory: Organize your stock information under a single journal. With low running stocks, a retailer would have access to centrally intervene and repeat a certain order. There would be less-known bottlenecks.
• Prepare customer-code conversion easily: With greater inventory accuracy and predictions, it becomes simplified.
• Handle assortment management: Exclude or include single groups or items from store assortment of different merchandise.
Do you need more support with respect to SAP S/4HANA Retail for Merchandise management? Contact iQuantM for more information.

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