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Streamline your taxation and purchase request process with SAP Concur Invoice management solutions.

Traditional invoicing can be a tedious process without solutions like SAP Concur Invoice. Matching the invoice against the receipt and purchase order manually once the accounts payable department receives the invoice isn’t simple. Storing the invoice for taxation purpose wouldn’t be viable for most of the businesses.
Enable machine learning capabilities for invoice capture. Take control of your business spending with SAP Concur Invoice. It’s time to streamline all your purchase request by automating approvals.

It’s time to simplify every Invoice management process right from request to approval to the path of payment.
You should be knowing that Concur Invoice is the most commonly used SAP Concur product with a process to simplify all the Invoice process. Right from contractors and government agencies, everyone can manage, capture and analyze every invoice in an effective manner.

Learn more about SAP Concur Expense.

How is every organization going to receive their invoices? Over 36% of companies would receive invoices through email and 50% by paper. No wonder all these processes would lead to more manual processing. It would take even more hours to rectify the mistakes when they handle the invoices manually when you use SAP Concur Invoice solutions.

When you configure it as per every entity’s needs, you can also integrate it directly with SAP Concur Travel and Expense. With SAP Concur Invoice, you can manage A-Z of employee-oriented spend picture to achieve more visibility over your spending. You can go on to reduce the overall efforts you take to complete your manual data entry process. It could be refocusing on criticism resources or eliminating waste, fraud and threatening, all these can be achieved directly by reducing invoice processing time and reinforcing your critical resources.

SAP Concur Invoice can allow you to:

  • Leverage electronic invoice processing for efficient processes
  • Approve your invoices from across the globe
  • Immediately request to invoice approvers by customizing workflows
  • Enable optical character recognition (OCR) while digitizing records and paper invoices

At iQuantM, we can guide you to spend considerably less on invoice management and processing. Let’s talk and get to know more about SAP Concur Invoice solutions. Contact us.

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