Application-Specific Follow-On Activities for the Realize phase

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SAP Realize Phase| SAP Tools & Activities
The Realize phase in the S/4HANA conversion consists of key processes such as SUM (Software Update Manager), Cross-Application Follow-On activities and the Application-Specific Follow-On Activities. This blog will give an overview of the three activities in the realization phase and provide the list of SAP

Notes to be used for the Application Specific Follow-On Activities with SAP Cloud:

  • Software Update Manager (SUM)
  • Cross-Application Follow-On Activities
  • List of Application-Specific Follow-On Activities

Software Update Manager (SUM)

When the system is ready and adapted for custom code of S/4HANA, then the next step is to run the SUM tool. The key functionals of the SUN tool is to handle these processes:

  • Run the Database Migration
  • Run the actual Software Updation
  • Perform data conversion
SAP Cloud

Cross-Application Follow-On Activities with SAP Cloud

Post completion of the SUM updation the cross-application follow-on activities needs to be performed. The cross-application activities are needed even to make the UI changes during the conversion. If the conversion is from an SAP HANA database to a S/4HANA system then the database remains unchanged. Adding, removing, or moving fields and groups as part of the runtime adaptation for the smart forms or apps is part of the UI adaption.

The cross-application activities are

  • Adapting Database Extensions to SAP S/4HANA
  • Output Management
  • Follow-On Activities for the Conversion of Authorizations
  • Follow-On Activities for SAP Fiori UX Enablement (incl. Authorizations)
  • Adapting the User Interface

List of Application-Specific Follow-On Activities with SAP Cloud

In addition to the cross-application activities, the application-specific activities are also needed to be performed so that the simplification items relevant for the specific systems are successfully checked.

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