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How about simplifying Supply Chain Management with SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP? Right from demand planning to make-to-stock, handle everything affluently.

Supply Chain flexibility has been every business’s concern. SAP Business ByDesign Supply Chain Management can act as a source of collaboration with your suppliers and customers. This can accelerate your business performance with real-time insights. When you manufacture and deliver your products in the global market, you should look at various factors such as customer reliability, responsiveness along with cost control since there is always a constant pressure lingering around.

To facilitate seamless collaboration of every business, SAP Business ByDesign’s Supply Chain Management solution can come handy. With the SCM component available in Business ByDesign, you can bridge the gap between supply chain execution and supply chain planning by streamlining the communication.

With the SCM analysis tools, you can ensure transparency and efficiency to flow through the processes. You can increase the overall profit and skyrocket it to the next level.

The biggest advantage in ByDesign is distributed process execution. With SAP Business ByDesign, you can accelerate the processes right from allocating the supply and demand to enhancing the entire supply chain process.

With integrated warehouse management, quality assurance specifications and similar capabilities extending the horizons, you can get auto identification capabilities as well as mobile device support to get a grip of your business.

You can also get inspection results along with graphical instructions. By integrating documents into different supply chain processes, you can collaborate with different departments and partners outside the boundaries of your company. This would allow companies to cope up with the customer expectations and legal needs.

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What are the top features of SAP Business ByDesign SCM Module?

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Demand Planning: This would allow you to import various sales data into your system. Create statistical forecast, import customer forecast, cooperate with different clients. Get an idea of supply and demand by managing forecasts.

Intracompany Stock Transfer: With Intracompany stock transfer, you have the strong ability to process and plan your product transfer within your company. Planning your intracompany stock transfers with stock transfer proposals, you can handle your task in a streamlined way.

Make-to-Stock: With the Make to Stock business scenario, you can produce various goods and place everything in stock. Dealing with your customer requirements such as sales or service orders would be easier than ever with the right stock.

Physical Inventory Management: Be it counting the materials or task initiation, manage everything from auditing to financial reporting.

Product Catalog Management: Manage every non-stock material like office materials, computer systems, engineering sample materials and machines. Get faster information about the products along with self-services.

Quality Assurance: By paving way for product inspection would allow you to detect all the defects reduce the overall re-work and improve productivity.

Product Development: Right from product definition to product engineering, SAP Business ByDesign can stand by you.

Materials in Project: With the Materials in Projects from Project Purchase Requests, you can plan and schedule your materials and directly procure them from your supplier.

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Depending on SAP Business ByDesign would be the best option for your business to streamline your supply chain management process.

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