The exuberant SAP Business ByDesign solutions for HR

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Right from self-services to resource management, SAP Business ByDesign provides you with the best way to handle all the necessary HR processes. Let iQuantM step in to streamline your HR processes.

Why should you use SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions? Getting access to personalized portals that can perform specific tasks along with enabling self-service features would help you out while you want to streamline all your HRM operations through SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions.

What are the current challenges faced by businesses with HR Management?

While you can successfully manage onboarding, offboarding, attendance and compensation, there would be a gap in businesses looking forward to managing the core processes. Every SME would need multiple system when they are about to manage the end-to-end employee processes with SAP Business ByDesign HR Solutions.

Get to know about SAP SuccessFactors HR solutions.

Why use the SAP Business ByDesign HR Module?

  • These are all the benefits offered by SAP Business ByDesign HR Solution for any business:
  • Enforce company-oriented compensation structures to handle your staffing groups.
  • Execute and manage all the administrative tasks through automated processing.
  • Allow managers to access more visibility via every department.
  • With SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions, you can manage and capture all your employee data in a single window
  • Integration of HRM processes with every other department.
  • Reduction of administrative overhead
  • Deduce any mistakes oriented to self-service capabilities
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With SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions, you can streamline all the HR processes in line like workforce administration, time and attendance, organisation management and employee self-service. These are all the processes that you should know you can tackle with SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions:

Time, labour and attendance management
With SAP Business ByDesign, you can manage your overall labour, time, along with compensation in a more effective way with the aid of centralised data along with self-service processes.

HR self-services
It is time for you to empower all your employees to the stage where they can self-manage their procurement processes, time sheets, along with personal information.
Requests and approvals
Creation and monitoring of policy-compliant purchase requests powered by automated approvals becomes a breeze.

Payroll management
With Payroll processing, you can create compensation structures. Handle time, personnel and compensation data meant for payroll run. You can take care of compensation planning, profitability analysis, accounting records and global payroll processing. It is time for you to facilitate all the payroll processing without any hurdles. You can get the maximum advantage out of interfaces that would govern all the third-party payroll providers.

Resource Management
With Resource Management, your business can access every internal and external employee data with info on availability and skills. With SAP ByDesign, pool management becomes a breeze. By managing time and labor, you can easily record the specific time against different projects and handle absence data. You would also get a clear idea on earliest availability. With the availability calendar, you can prioritise initial resource allocation. Getting the right data on actualization of commitment would become simpler. With keyword-oriented resource search, things become simpler.

Are you in need of further SAP Business ByDesign HR solutions? iQuantM has got your back. Contact us if you need further support with regards to SAP. Our professionals can provide you with the necessary solutions through which you can take the wisest business solutions. We are here to help you at any point in time. We have all the necessary tools to let your business grow to top heights. Let’s get in touch and discuss further.

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