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Enable the most personalized Catalog management solutions with better adoption options to increase your overall ROI. Read more to know about SAP Ariba Procurement catalogs module.

SAP Ariba Procurement Catalog is known to be an extremely user-friendly app that goes about helping every employee buy whatever they require. This can help you out in strengthening the procurement control and compliance while reducing costs.

Pave way for better adoption with SAP Ariba Procurement Catalog

Increase your ROI with a stunning shopping experience. SAP Ariba Catalog is one of the best procurement catalogs solutions. While innovations involve buying and semantic search, you can get more relevant content to ensure that everything is easy for the employees. They can also purchase from the right suppliers. Monitoring the content quality by involving dashboard reports is also simplified.

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Get High-end user experience with SAP Ariba Procurement Catalog

SAP Ariba Catalog can control and simplify your purchasing processes, making catalog creation quite easier for every supplier. With an highly efficient user interface, you can leverage streamlined catalog creation process.

SAP Ariba Catalog management provides users with the following features:

  • Get the best shopping-cart functionality and user-friendly catalog to help employees buy whatever they need to perform their jobs well
  • Enable cross-catalog search functionality among inventory items, local catalogs, punchout catalogs and spot buy marketplace
  • By using more advanced content management tools, you can help out your purchasing agents to sort and validate the best out of everything your suppliers can offer
  • Get the best out of the simpler user interface while facilitating the catalog content upload by different suppliers
  • With enterprise-grade content management tools, you can help all the suppliers validate, define and enrich your catalog content

These are the benefits you can avail with SAP Procurement catalog

Compliance culture

This user-friendly system can speed up the adoption where approved suppliers are searchable. You can get preferred products and suppliers. We can get relevant search criteria with contract pricing.

Get 360-degree support

With full catalog enablement, you can get better subscription that includes content validation, collection, classification, enrichment and approval.

Easy maintenance

The procurement catalogs solutions would let you update the content within a few minutes. You can speed up your updates, decrease the workload and improve the overall accuracy.

Rich content

With content normalization feature, you can increase the filter quality where users can apply to all their searches with relevancy and accuracy. This can provide users with better content whenever they need it. Your resources need not look ahead. They can get everything they need at one place.

Integration and APIs

You can easily automate your tasks when you update enterprise software systems and upload your lookup data.

Facilitated collaboration

Your suppliers and buyers can collaborate together before you place an order. You can also easily finalize the specifications and price.

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