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SAP Analytics Cloud comes up with a range of solutions to manage your Project Management activities.
SAP Analytics Cloud Project Management
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SAP Analytics Cloud Project management comes up with a range of solutions to manage your Project Management activities.

It isn’t always a breeze to control your project activities. You might always have to walk that extra mile to ensure that you are always ahead of the project requirements. Your project might demand the best out of you. You must be in a position to offer it.

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What are the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud Project management solutions?

With SAP Analytics Cloud Project management offerings, you can enable all these features.

Manage your costs and budgets: Have a strong grip over your budget, actual and planned costs for your project. Keep an eye on cost deviations vs planned budgets.

Understand how successful your project is: Get a clear insight on your project’s commercial value. Get to know about the success probability as well as the corresponding project risk. Get a clear view on the KPIs.

Data Connectivity: Understand more about your query views on the basis of SAP Business Warehouse Content meant for SAP Digital Boardroom as well as SAP Analytics Cloud.

Manage your expenses: Get to know about project expense plans and budgets in a flexible, friendly and cloud-oriented UI of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Get the best out of work breakdown structures (WBS) by using SAP Analytics Cloud while capturing project/budget expense projections. Take complete advantage over project expense management solutions.

Enable best practice methodology: Use SAP S/4HANA Cloud as your primary master data source with respect to your financial structures.

Project Staff Planning at its best: Let your project managers know more about internal and external costs. Tracking and monitoring your project cost across your organization is a breeze.

Assign projects effectively: Assign individual employees with the right projects matching their calibre. Get an idea of labour costs while you maintain your resources cost rates. Get thorough insights on internal and external project costs. Get non-labour projects costs while tracking both external and internal expenses.

Allocate efficient non-project overhead: Allocate better non-project overhead costs to different projects on the basis of various factors such as labour costs, work-hours and much more.

Access Manager cockpit: Being a project manager, you would have to manage your projects from various points of view. Track your employee assignments, project costs and project staffing activities. Ensure that your projects would always stay in budget.

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