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SAP analytics cloud solutions have embedded analytics functionality to accelerate your business’s sales and marketing benefits.

SAC Sales and Marketing solutions can help you build a better business by monitoring all your sales and marketing activities per your organization’s standards.

When you integrate Embedded analytics with SAP analytics cloud solutions, you can easily collect and manage your data which would help you analyze all the activities carried out by the organization.

With Business analytics, you can develop your company’s transactional data when you find the answer to your questions and get all the necessary insights.

How does SAP Analytics Cloud work?

SAP analytics cloud solutions (SAC) is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform. It allows you to quickly create powerful reports and dashboards without complex data modelling or coding.

SAP analytics cloud is built on the SAP HANA platform, which provides in-memory computing and fast data processing. Integrating SAP Marketing with SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to analyze large data sets quickly and easily.

SAP Analytic Cloud Planning Solution also includes a range of pre-built reporting and analysis templates, which you can customize to suit your needs. It also includes various collaboration tools to share reports and dashboards with colleagues, clients, or suppliers.

Marketing with SAP Analytics Cloud

Marketing with SAP analytics cloud Implementation can be a powerful way to get insights into your customers and markets. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can quickly create dashboards and reports to help you understand what is happening in your business and what opportunities or threats might be emerging. You can also use SAP Analytics Cloud to effectively create customer segmentations and target marketing campaigns.

It’s time to earn lifetime loyalty from all your customers

  • You can empower all your team members with the right information. 
  • Monetizing your new market opportunities through an SAP analytics cloud Implementation Partner. 
  • Improve results in every sales and marketing venture, from annual planning to individual campaigns, are a breeze. 

CRM Sales Performance with SAC Sales and Marketing solutions

  •  Track your overall current sales status. 
  • Analyze your sales revenue growth when you measure it against different targets, customers, and portfolio performance. 
  • Identify all the opportunities and leads presented in front of you. 
  • Simulate your sales scenarios to forecast future results. 
  • Enable win-loss analysis and target planning at employee and territory levels. 

Manage your leads and plan your next marketing campaign with SAC Sales and Marketing solutions

  • Get better insights on digital campaign success. 
  • Track the overall contacts, manage your KPIs, and create an extensive dashboard to get insights on benchmarks and performance. 
  • Track your conversions and analyze your past offers to plan them well for the future. 


These are the benefits of involving SAP analytics cloud Sales and Marketing solutions: 

Integrate with different ERP Systems

Connect your SAP analytics cloud with business solutions such as SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, Google Analytics, and other software solutions.

Enable Advanced level of Modeling Capabilities

You can model your data using currency conversion aggregation or fixing large-scale errors in different hierarchies.

Connect with the live data

Creating dashboards with SAP Analytics cloud is simple. You can connect your live data with SAP S/4HANA or SAP Business Warehouse solutions. SAC Sales and Marketing solutions would allow you to fetch direct data from the transaction system when you build the right stories to visualize. Reduce more repetitive tasks and avoid data replication issues.

Integrate Digital Boardroom

Combine your business data into a powerful analytic solution. Go as per the analytic and planning model to get the most loved storyboard creation. Create both private and public data versions until you approve the public version.

Create both private and public data versions until you approve the public version.

Planning with SAC Sales and Marketing solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud Implementation services is a single-stop cloud solution that lets you stay ahead of your business outcomes. You can strategically manage your financial and operational business plan. It can involve the entire business activities.

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