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How about decentralizing your workforce planning, enabling enterprise analytics and unleashing real-time analytics? IQuantM is here to explain further.

Time to upgrade your Enterprise into SAP Analytics Cloud Human resources solutions to get smart HR Enterprise

By enabling a single-gateway to get access to enterprise-wide analytics, you can get access to end-to-end, unified solution. Pair it along with SAP SuccessFactors, you have the ability to elevate it with intelligent enterprise journey. You can access better insights which would add more fodder to decision making. Access 360-degree business view while informing your HR about the business decisions. Needless to say, SAC Human Resources can act as the reflection of truth for the HR department with SAP FieldGlass.

Nowadays, your HR department would require access to plenty of data. With no insights from other business parts, your HR department would need to make robust decisions. This can aid your business to adapt fastly to the growing changes with SAP FieldGlass.

With SAP Analytics Cloud Human resources solutions, you can connect with SAP SuccessFactors as well as different third-party solutions. You can get better enterprise-wide insights which would let you experience wider planning and analytics capabilities. This can help you take more strategically organized decisions.
Any HR would need to provide the needed workforce insights while responding to market shifts. You can access all the information in a timely manner with SAP FieldGlass.

SAP Analytics Cloud lets you use advanced machine learning and business intelligence solutions while empowering self-service oriented automated insights. You can easily detect all the future trends and drive your organization to achieve more success while getting forecasts on different outcomes with SAP FieldGlass.

Enable Enterprise Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud Human resources solutions

It’s time to skyrocket your embedded analytics by harnessing augmented analytics, extended analysis and planning along with business intelligence. This way, you can complete your analytics journey with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP FieldGlass.

Unleash Real-time Analytics with SAP FieldGlass

No wonder SAP promotes people-first solutions in the form of SAP Analytics Cloud. With high-end data visualization capabilities, you can understand what’s happening in real-time.

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Get Embedded Analytics with SAP FieldGlass

Take your embedded analytics to the next level with the Enterprise version of SAP Analytics Cloud. Harness the power of business intelligence, augmented analytics, and extended planning & analysis to complete your data and analytics journey using the SAP SuccessFactors solution you rely on.

Use Package-oriented business content

With the tailor-made business content, you can get wide range of analytic scenarios. You can easily get insights on dashboards and pre-built models meant for recruitment, headcount planning and salary planning.

SAP Analytics Cloud HR Solutions have been the master of HR Software since a long time. Many businesses are switching over to it, thanks to its spellbound features.

Get to know more about SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Solutions has its way of combining the power of technology into business solutions to serve its customers better. SAP Analytics Cloud Human Resources solutions has done wonders for many businesses.

  • Take the realms of people strategy to different heights.
  • Correlate between your business outcomes and HR practices to make impactful decisions for your team.
  • With SAP FieldGlass, you can analyze supplier relationships and costs when you want to achieve better insights for your workforce.
  • Get the right info on how many SOW workers and contingent you are engaging at present.
  • Compare costs, analyze billing rates and get comparison on HR spends. By enabling smart discovery, you can understand much more about the cost drivers.
  • Get better insights on woman in leadership, job classifaction, current salary status, employee survey results, gender diversity and age ratio.
  • Understand the progress of your hiring activities, recruitment KPIs, position fulfillment ratio and pay grade information.
  • Design your salary on the basis of location and pay grade with SAP Analytics Cloud while analyzing new employee salary cost.
    Need more details? Let our team explain it to you.

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