Process mining & iRPA

When your processes run better, your business runs better.

Choose your own process

Choose the business process you want to transform into an extraordinary experience.

Industry best practice experience

Make the most of iQuantM's industry knowledge and best practice experience.

Process mining certified professionals

Process mining certified consultants delivering the promise.

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Choose from a variety of implementation and support packages that suit your needs.

Deployment models

Onsite, onsite-offshore and offshore driven execution of projects and support.

Remove friction from business processes & turn them into extraordinary experiences.

Discover how your processes really run by analyzing your digital footprint and allow employees to make intelligence fueled decisions. Track, measure and celebrate process transformations and monitor process improvements over time with SAP Solutions.


Your source systems to transform data into event logs & enable real time connections.


Capture digital footprints to visualize processes & understand root causes.


Automate tasks to suggest intelligent actions & proactive process interventions.


Process conformance to industry & regulatory practices and continuously track key metrics.

From finance and customer service to production and IT, the more fluid your operations are, the better the experience for your employees and customers with SAP Solutions.

Every step of a digital process leaves a digital footprint.

Pre-built connectors to ERP systems extract this data and analyses speed up process delivery.

Smart algorithms, then reconstruct, analyse and understand the real process.

Afterwards powerful analytical tools highlight inefficiencies, bottle necks and conformance issues.

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning components drive transformation projects.