Oil & Gas

By 2030

The global energy demand will increase by 50%!

Oil & gas will remain a predominant energy source with increasing contribution of natural gas. Gas is experiencing rapid growth in demand and production as the energy source for many cities all over the globe to thrive on.

Oil & gas companies are streamlining & simplifying operations by creating intelligent enterprises based on industrialized & intelligent cloud services that enable innovative technologies. 80% of decision-makers think access to the right information, at the right time is critical to their business.


Oil & gas companies listed in Fortune 500 run on SAP

>20 Yrs

SAP industry expertise


Oil & gas companies innovate with SAP solutions


Global oil & gas SAP users

Business challenges in oil & gas industries

Complex business documented poorly

Lack of business predictability

Lack of transparency

Market volatility on produce

Solve your specific oil and gas business needs !

Business values with SAP solutions

Reduction of processing hours for orders by 50%
Optimized asset performance through streamlined production without compromising safety or compliance
45% improved service time for refueling by 45%
Enhanced visibility into asset performance to improve maintenance efficiency and proactively manage risk and safety.

How SAP can help to Experience Intelligent Enterprise

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