Let’s explore ITSM and ChaRM

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Let's explore in detail about ITSM and ChaRM.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an elaborate application which you can use to track, capture, build and assign a separate repository to resolve problems happening on a regular basis. The end-user will be in a position to search it. Leverage ITSM to capture problems, incidents, Change requests for Assets related to IT Software and Hardware.

What are the top advantages of ITSM?

  • With Service Level Management, you have the needed flexibility for auto-escalation within departments, companies, or teams on the basis of predefined configurable rules.
  • You can utilise management queries, dashboards, and report to measure backlogs, efficiency, and service technicians performance
  • It is possible to utilise Knowledge Management repository by service technicians and key end-users to solve all the incidents in a quicker way
  • ITSM is known to be ISO/ICE 20000 compliant with Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL)
  • You can leverage ITSM by combining it with other SolMan applications that can be:
  • Alert Monitoring: This is to generate a useful incident report automatically when you exceed an alert threshold. This happens when ABAP dumps would be exceeding 5 in an hour,
  • You can forward the Problem reported to your Root Cause Analysis application to get better resolution
  • It’s possible to Request for software (SAP or non-SAP) changes via Change Request Management (ChaRM) using development via testing as well as production.
  • You can forward SAP Software problems that cannot be easily resolved by internal staff to get resolution through SAP Online Support Services (OSS).
  • You can generate different incident tickets for defects whichever you detect in the Test Management workbench to turn trigger change request for fixing development issues. You can manage all these changes via ChaRM documents.

Why attend our SAP ITSM and ChaRM Workshop?

We have paramount experience in SAP Solution Manager® since the time it was released. We have been able to get proper experience to help out all our clients through state-of-the-art, integrated models to manage ITSM and ChaRM functionalities.

We have experience serving our clients on different portals such as Problem Management, Incident management, Change Request Management and Service Request Management. We are here to offer better solutions for our clients through faster implementation. With the ChaRM functionality, the IT organisation will be able to adapt to functional and different changes that runs on SAP SolMan. This would provide the IT organization with transparency and clarity.


Register for our workshop to get the most out of ITSM and ChaRM.


SAP ChaRM is one among the most commonly used tool delivered along with SAP Solution Manager to manage various activities which we perform while changing from design to testing to final promotion to production system.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an app Solution Manager (SolMan) that we utilise to track, capture, build and assign a wide range of resolutions for problems end-users face.

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