Let’s explain ECC vs S/4HANA

Get a gist on ECC vs S/4HANA.

Before you migrate to SAP S/4HANA, you should know about SAP ECC. 


SAP ECC has been ruling the yards ever since its introduction in 2004.

You may have to ask plenty of questions about SAP before deciding which ERP system would suit your business.


Let us understand the basics of the SAP business suite:


SAP business suite supports several business processes such as human resources, manufacturing, finance marketing service, product development, supply chain, and IT management.


How does SAP ECC function?


SAP ECC or SAC ERP is SAP’s enterprise applications legacy suite. We use ECC to run on a HANA database and other third-party databases. It can support a wide range of operating systems and databases. SAP renamed its core ERP product to SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).

For many years, SAP ECC allowed decision-makers to make business decisions based on real-time data. The true strength of SAP ECC is that it helps organisations optimise the business processes at the core of their operations. .

SAP went on to rebuild SAP ECC from scratch to make the best out of the performance and improve top-notch data models. With an award-winning UX known as SAP Fiori, clients can fasten a set of applications and make the best out of case-specific benefits.

S/4HANA can go on and simplify traditional ERP system issues such as manual processes, batch latency, and data sprawl. It can lead to higher stability, lower costs, and less disruption from SAP upgrades.

In general, large or medium-sized companies utilise SAP ECC. SAP ECC also consists of various components created to handle specified business processes.

The SAP transformation process is complex. Companies should compare all the benefits and business impacts while migrating to the cloud, HANA or SAP S/4HANA.

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SAP has extended its support to ECC up to 2027. Earlier it was 2025.

ECC is a part of SAP Business Suite which ran on cloud platforms such as HANA, IBM and Oracle whereas S/4HANA (Suite on HANA) ran on in-built HANA database. With Fiori app, the UX of S/4HANA was much better in comparison to ECC.

SAP Business Suite is an ERP system that allows businesses to perform end-to-end business processes across different industries.

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