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Leveraging data as per your business needs isn’t hard these days. Let’s say you belong to an event management company. In contrast to the current COVID-19 atmosphere, let’s consider a normal scenario of an SME. They need to understand ways to increase profitability, safeguarding and optimizing various branches such as HR, Sales, Retail and Marketing. Even though the charm possessed by the team members has got a lot to do with the customers, how do you ensure the best customer experience?

These are the common problems which event management businesses face:

  • Plenty of stand-alone revenue and billing systems
  • Dealing with a traditional ERP system
  • Handling time-consuming, paper-back oriented, tedious administrative tasks like Finance, HR, and procurement
  • Managing manual, error-grown consolidation and manipulation of data across different systems needed for monthly reporting
  • Maintaining Static monthly financial as well as management reports (PDFs) to prevent executives from getting deeper data
  • Slowed down access to information

    You are sure to come across a variety of challenges while you also deliver the craziest fan experience. What would you need to ensure that you don’t face any bottlenecks in terms of business management and smooth operations in every nook and corner? To get tip-top information on what’s happening, you need the right point of sale (PoS), parking control, ticket and merchandising sales and customer experience management system.

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Why adopt SAP Analytics Cloud for event management businesses?

How about opting for a command-and-control cockpit in the name of “digital boardroom” technology by SAP? With SAP Analytics cloud platform integration suite, your organization can integrate data available in real-time from a number of on-premise and cloud-based sources. You can aggregate this data in SAP analytics cloud to serve the decision makers. Your organization can also insert Twilio Communication system to help executives carry out real-time texting to all the employees.

These are the benefits event management businesses can avail with SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Perform better operations when you transition core business systems meant for finance, HR, and cloud procurement
  • Accelerate data-driven decisions using easily available analytics tools
  • Increase the level of transparency
  • Enable responsive, feature-rich Web application to act as a single source of truth for different business applications
  • Access all your core functions and content easily from any device securedly with corporate credentials
  • Keep delivering critical and time-oriented information on event activities with a common app platform
  • Enhance productivity via high-end automation via administrative tasks
  • Allow staff members to focus more keenly on important activities like handling VIP entry, merchandise and much more
  • Enable standardized approvals and workflow

The power of predictive analytics and digital boardroom

With more than 5000 customers across the globe and generating €27.34 billion, SAP Analytics Cloud have been a customer-favorite solution.

Almost every company face the heat of rapidly changing business environment. You need to sell your products and services on time and act wisely with crucial decisions.

You can excel in real-time with SAP digital integration hub, comprising of predictive analytics and digital boardroom.

You will always require data which you gather across different systems in real life. These systems are a combo of cloud-oriented application services and traditional on-premise apps such as POS systems. A few might belong to the barricade of in-house apps and others might belong to outsourced cloud apps.

When you create different reports on various dashboards, the user would require you to create different data views in consistent manner. Every organization has to provide more consistent approach for different interfaces through which user-facing apps consume data.

SAP customers are more into this approach nowadays by leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) while adopting api-first approach to integrate. An api-first approach doesn’t mean standardizing technical API management platform. When you enforce security standards, you have to enable high-end governance with performance analytics and utilization in tow. Your executive can decide which information they need to focus on.

Top advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud Platform

With a standard platform to handle integration, your organization can ask questions without getting trapped in various external discussion regarding which integrated system data you need to display on the dashboard. This integrated platform can allow your organization to approach business challenges straight away rather than getting stuck at technical challenges. Even though technical challenges can also impose a wide variety of challenges, SAP Cloud Platform can provide you with the tools you need to handle user interface, data correlation, event organization and integration functionality.

Improve your performance

With a solid “API first” platform, every application client can interact with different individuals through APIs via API management layer.

But many issues might arise in terms of scalability and security. With a “Digital Integration Hub” architecture, you can insert high-performance, in-memory database between different back-end systems as well as API management layer.

Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, you can 10x your performance.

Increase Data Quality

You need to populate the database with better data packaged into different digital business services. Your organization can cater to the changing demands of your business with 360-degree customer views.

SAP Data Intelligence acts as a bridge between business process analysts and data scientists. Enrich combinations of data such as image processing, structured data and video recognition. Apply machine learning algorithms to deliver the most meaningful insights.

Learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud

Imagine customer communication

You can do almost anything for bring customers closer to your business. This way, you can get rid of transactional friction, increase sales and help retain your customer base.

Get rid of paperbacks

With the huge volume of data you come across, keeping track of them might not seem easier. This way, you can increase productivity and customer satisfaction, which translates to increased customer satisfaction.

With SAP Digital boardroom technology, organizations of every size, regions and industries can benefit thoroughly.

These are the topmost benefits you need to delve deeper:

• Enable business transformation with focused and fast projects to reduce total cost of ownership

• Digitize all your paper-oriented processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency

• Create more cross-system processes to handle multi-vendor hybrid landscaoes

• Go ahead with new sales channels and reach out to your customers effectively

• Get real-time business insights and improve agility

• Let your customers make the most out of self-service ability

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SAP Digital Boardroom is known to be the most dynamic as well as real-time presentation tool. It enables executives to get better insights as well as address any sort of ad hoc questions.

The major target audience includes finance analysts, business analysts, business executives,
CEOs, CFOs, and any major decision-makers in the company.

You have two options to create Digital Boardroom presentations: Choose the right agenda to handle the executive meeting in a more traditional way. Go ahead and create items while adding and combining pages from any story into your topics.

SAC certainly consists of features without complex operations that enables users to visualise complex problems. The design aspects are extremely simple where the end user can get the right solutions.

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