How did iQuantM survive through the pandemic?

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iQuantM faced the challenges imposed by the pandemic with a calm and poised demeanor. Let's get into what made us survive the rough patch.

The journey of iQuantM

“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” —Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby


Not just a man or a woman, this iconic quote suites well for our goals as well. Pandemic played a scary role in many of our lives. If layoff and recession were the most-dreaded words, many businessmen had to bear the grunt of unstable economy and undisputable losses. To be honest, we started our business amidst the missile-hit called pandemic. 2019 was the most memorable year in our lives.

This is when we were laying the foundation for iQuantM culture.


Where did it all start?

iQuantM Culture

It was always a dream of Lokesh to set up his own SAP implementation company. His dream came true when he was able to sign a partnership deal with THE SAP. “It was a surreal moment when we became a certified SAP partner. It took me a while to realise that I have set foot on a whole new journey. I was excited and thrilled, a combination of both.”


Speaking about the unsurety of the pandemic times, we decided to put efforts meticulously and wait for things to stabilise. This gave us the much needed momentum to sustain. We didn’t want to hurry but patiently wait until we materialise our goals.


Every decision matters. You cannot depend blindly on instinct. It gets harder and harder when you need to make a crucial business decision but you don’t have the right data to support your claim.


To combat this cause, we always discuss everything, respect different perspectives and derive a win-win solution. This also keeps corporate red flags such as office politics at bay.


When he spoke to his brother Shrikrishna, he realised that this is what he want to do. With his marketing expertise, he was able to confidently delve into the business frontier. “I was excited to work along with my brother. Since we started iQuantM, each day seems to come up with a new set of challenges. But the learning curve I experience has made me feel ectastic. That’s what drives me to contribute daily.”

What formed the basis of iQuantM culture?

As a team, we stuck by our motto- Right team + right process + right tools.

“Our goal isn’t specific to the pandemic. This applies to how every company should operate ideally. When you embrace the new era, I also believe that investing in the right technology is mandatory, no matter what the size of the organisation is.” Says Mohit, Head of Global Sales at iQuantM.

The journey wasn’t easy, but we still stuck by our values.

“The most important element the previous year at iQuantM for literally everyone -employees, customers, partners, ourselves, is responding with empathy. This has helped us to shape our approach to digital transformation by addressing competing priorities and IT budget constraints which have held companies back.

Through effective communication with all the right tools and processes in place, we were able to adapt new challenges such as adapting to a hybrid workforce during a highly volatile market. Apart from consultation and project delivery, ensuring that customers have a resilient future and meeting their business goals through SAP is every customer’s futuristic pain point. Taking that one extra mile during these tough times is always rewarding!” says Yasvant, Regional Sales Manager of iQuantM.

As far as the team culture is concerned, the team always puts employees above anything else. We believe that happy employees can contribute much better than worried employees.

“I can never forget how the team trusted me with huge responsibilities. Apart from entrusting those responsibilities, the team always stood by my side whenever I needed any support. It’s a pleasure working with iQuantM.” Says Amrita, Digital Content Manager.

Every business has a story to tell. Ours is a story of patience, perseverance and hardwork. That’s the root of iQuantM culture.

“Setting up an organisation is a whole new challenge. But sailing through hard times, especially during the baby phase of the company wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork. Everyone’s contribution played a huge role during those tiring times” says Swati, SAP Recruitment Specialist at iQuantM.

Hiring new talents for a startup wasn’t easy either. But with meticulous efforts, the team was able to build their brand and reach out to people.

“More than marketing efforts, the core value of the brand would act as a pillar for any organisation. I experienced it visually when I was interviewing candidates.” says Tamilvani, Regional Sales and Recruitment Manager at iQuantM.

When the market went down, many businesses had to halt their sales and marketing processes. But iQuantM didn’t commit this mistake.

“For sure, It wasn’t easy at first. Getting used to the norm of Work From Home was quite challenging. There were some eventful days and some equally lazy ones as well, but here’s where the bond with our colleagues plays a huge role. We’d constantly stay in touch, be there for each other, and pull through together. That’s very important.” added Nitesh, Regional Business Development Manager.

We did face a lot of setbacks like any other business. But we learnt as much as we can from the lessons put forth in front of us.

To put it in simple words, teamwork is what made us face all the ordeals and emerge stronger.

“I keenly look forward to discussing work-related queries with the team. They have always got my back. My work has turned into my passion, all thanks to this amazing team. I look forward to many more years with iQuantM.” Says Prasad Arun, Digital Data Manager at iQuantM.

We believe that as employees grow, the organisation is also all set to grow. It should always be an “I grow, you grow, we grow” scenario.

More than business strategy, it’s the ethics and core values that led to our team sustaining through the pandemic days. We wish that in the upcoming years, we will branch out bigger and better. We are always looking forward to new talent.

Feel free to check out our careers page or contact us if you want to introduce yourself.

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