How can retailers sell more during Halloween?

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Retailers can increase their sales effectively with the right strategy during Halloween. Let's delve deeper into it.

Halloween has brought in excitement among parents to watch their children dress up in spooky costumes, play trick or treat and enjoy the holiday season. There is a survey by Hershey stating that nearly two-thirds of parents are planning to do more for this Halloween in comparison to last year.

COVID-19 has changed the way retail industry used to function. The retail industry’s second-biggest holiday, which is undoubtedly Halloween, has led to expectations in many corners of the world, since people are regaining their confidence with a surge on vaccination.

How can retailers take advantage of this situation and increase their sales? Let’s take a thorough look.


Tips for Retailers to increase their sales during Halloween season

Promote customer safety

When you want to sell your products during Halloween season, especially during this pandemic, you need to assure your customers with safety measures. The majority of the population would hesitate to purchase at a shop that doesn’t adhere to safety and security protocols. The retailers can communicate their COVID-19 updates on their website, social media, email marketing and mobile app. Make sure that your in-store employees take it seriously and walk the talk.


Strengthen your online presence

The online activities of businesses have exploded to the next level. You need to be prepared to showcase your business in relevant online websites such as directories, reviews, and social bookmarking sites. Add plenty of visual content and build your brand.


Allow click-and-collect

With doorstep delivery, your customers will be able to order from their place without any hesitation. This not only drives traffic to your online store but increases sales invariably. Also, this will increase your brand awareness and bring in a lot of productive measures to your business.


Ensure top-notch customer service

Nobody wants to be left hanging around the corner when they visit your online store. Providing the most sophisticated customer service would act as a backbone for businesses wanting to build a permanent place for themselves in the hearts of their customers during this holiday season.


Keep communicating

Communication is the key to ensure long-term success of your business. Get crystal clear insights on what your customers expect when they approach your store. Keep them updates on latest Halloween products and services through email, social media pages and website.


Automate your entire retail sales process

Automation would be the best remedy to let go of sales stress. Re-engage with inactive shoppers and inform them what’s new during this Halloween season, integrate your chatbot with an efficient sales ERP, take care of your finances and follow-up with your leads on a regular basis with a robust ERP solution such as RISE with SAP.


Hope this helps you make the most out of this Halloween!


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The survey by Hershey states that nearly two-thirds of parents have plans to do more for this Halloween when compared to last year.

Retailers can increase their sales effectively. These are some of the most common Halloween retail sales tips you can follow:

  • Promote customer safety
  • Strengthen your online presence
  • Allow click-and-collect
  • Keep communicating
  • Automate your retail sales process

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