High Tech

By 2024

The market size of SaaS industries will be around $185 Billion!

Market studies have said that by 2025, 75 billion IoT  devices will be available in the market and this is a prime market for high tech industries to focus on.

Dealing with the complicated customer-centric or a product-centric business, high tech companies face a lot of difficulties in extracting meaningful data from operations. For the same reason, the high tech industries of today’s world must require an enterprise-wide ERP system to manage all operational data into a single platform with regards to High-tech with SAP S/4HANA.

You should be aware of the fact that high-tech company’s business model has been evolving quite often. When you want to sustain with the flow of technological advancements, you definitely shouldn’t forgo the thoughts of market trends and changing customer expectations. Every High-tech company has to come up with an integrated network to deliver better outcomes. This should be in a way where you can generate steady revenue streams via different result-oriented services and products. It is a fair point to note that high-tech companies do not have anything to do with traditional products or services. Hence companies have to transform without any second thought.


Spend worldwide on digital transformation technologies in 2018


Global discrete manufacturers will offer smart connected products


Will be the market size of SaaS industries by 2024


Spent on AR & VR by 2023

Business challenges in high tech industries

Complex product configuration & costing modeling

Real time, changing demands in planning

Integrated view of cyber-physical products

Visibility into the end-to-end supply chain

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Business values with SAP solutions

Reduction in Inventory levels by 25-30%
Reduction in total logistics cost by 10-12%
Reduction in days of inventory by 10-12%
Reduction in supply chain planning cost by 3-5%

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