Did you know

45% of chemical industries are turning back to their drawing boards?

To understand how to connect their business, assets, and human resources. Chemical industries are now turning into intelligent enterprises that capitalize on innovative SAP implementation in Chemical industry to make important and strategic decisions in an ever-changing world.

In today’s modern world, chemical industries faces major challenges in a highly unstable and volatile environment. This is understandable since digital transformations are disruptive and change the dynamics of chemical industries by bringing all their information, into the same ecosystem with regards to SAP implementation in chemical industry.


Chemical industries innovate with SAP solutions


Increase in digitization investments over the next 3 years


Reduction in DSO and production overtime costs


Faster management of project tasks

Business challenges with regards to SAP implementation in Chemical industry

Dynamic demand pattern

Rapidly growing and changing business portfolio

Regulations and compliance ​​

Increasing customer intimacy​​

Chemical companies are rethinking how humans and machines interact!

Business values with SAP solutions

Minimized overtime costs through greater adherence to the production plan by up to 48%
Increased sales and finance planning with 48% reduction in days sales outstanding
Reduction of total logistics cost by 10-12% with an integrated system
Real-time environment, health and safety information for reduced operational risk and hazards

How SAP can help Experience Intelligent Enterprise

Are you future ready with SAP S/4HANA for your Enterprise?