Challenges faced by businesses in the wholesale industry

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SAP for Wholesale industry| Wholesale industry challenges
Every industry leader would look forward to ways through which the business can respond to better business dynamics including consolidation, globalization and acquisition. Collaborate with iQuantM for the best SAP Software solutions for wholesale industry.

There are numerous challenges faced by the wholesale industry. While businesses have to handle wholesale distribution, there are a lot of challenges that they may come across. What are the struggles they face in their day-to-day activities? Let’s get a thorough insight:
• Handle the way they manage your distribution order
• Smoothen their overall delivery process under a single platform
• Improvise their entire inventory management processes through different levels, bin locations, multiple measuring units, along with warehouse tracking
• Hand over their clients with the bill of material functionality to build up various product kits or bundles
• Manage their various price lists by product or customer group
• Ensure better commission tracking for sales team
• Make use of PCI compliant card transactions in an integrated manner
• Integration of UPS/USPS/FedEx shipping to track everything at a place, ecommerce stores and web stores.
• Handle credit card processing
•Get access to better bar code scanning in your warehouse
• Provide service functionality for every distributor to perform repair or installation services
• Process their EDI transactions with larger trading partners

As of now, the wholesale distribution industry has been going through drastic changes. Every industry leader has to look for ways where businesses can easily respond to stronger business dynamics that includes globalization, consolidation and acquisitions. Every customer would traditionally look for different ways through which they can provide value-added services with visibility and active distribution. All these trends would have made every distributor understand the need for transformation. They would take a look at the real-time business scenario combined with new business practices and benefit models with the wholesale industry.

SAP Software for wholesale distribution is the best way through which you can add more value to your business. Every industry personnel can build the foundation for a strong relationship with every business partner belonging to the industry.

Every wholesale distributor has to understand that SAP wholesale distribution industry software can improve their relationship with suppliers, distributors and customers.

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SAP Solutions| Wholesale industry

SAP ERP for Wholesale distribution industry

SAP ERP Software for Wholesale industry can increase the efficiency and visibility of the supply chain through an inventory planning in a simplified manner to effectively handle inventory management. With profitable growth, you can sell the goods for lower cost and reduce the overall operational cost. Every user has the chance to focus solely on the inventory, billing, warehouse, delivery and price comparison. You can track your data and get proper insights on real-time analytics. You would also serve the verticals such as inventory management, warehouse management, production planning, production control, reporting and material planning.

With SAP ERP wholesale distribution industry, you can easily identify the business direction. You can protect your user interests along with customer and financial services in the wholesale distribution sector.

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What are the other factors that would get covered up with SAP for wholesale industry?

SAP ERP Wholesale distribution industry

Optimise the entire way you check how profitable your business has been so far. These are the areas that would be covered:
• Procurement awareness
• Logistics Networks
• Real-time customer vision
• Price recovery and refund

Make more Cash

Increase your revenue and cash like never before. Get all these benefits at the right time:
• Handle your customer experiences smartly
• Take care of Sales Force Automation
• Increase your speed and involve logical thinking in marketing
• Dynamo Commerce
• Service operations and solutions

Procure to Pay with SAP ERP wholesale industry

From the time of buying the commodities to the final destination of the payment process, handle everything at ease.
• Involve better Contract and Sourcing Management
• External Workforce Management
• Obtain real-time Analytics
• Payables and Invoice Management
• Warehouse and Inventory Management
• Product supplier management

Supply Chain Execution and Planning with SAP ERP wholesale industry

Handle your supply chain with a lot of care. Streamline every activity in a more organised manner. These are the areas you can concentrate:
• Demand Management
• Warehouse Management
• Sales, Operations and Inventory management
• Transportation Management
• Return and Supply Planning
With more foundational business platform, your ERP system can provide more streamlined, integrated and automated processes for every wholesale industry distributor.

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