Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors – Employee Engagement

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If companies are able to design their Strategic employee engagement programs in a perfect manner by enabling valuable and cost-effective tools, you can easily increase and measure your employee's enthusiasm and engagement levels which would lead to amplified results with respect to employee's values and goals

Do you know that companies present in the top position when it comes to employee engagement have so far generated 16% higher profits?

Not just that, they have also generated 18% higher productivity in comparison to other companies. Many Industry research analysts have went on to evaluate the relationship between employee turnover and employee engagement. The results have shown that companies providing highly effective recognition programs have received 31% lower voluntary turnover compared to those with ineffective recognition programs.

With SAP SuccessFactors, you have all the privilege to improve your overall customer engagement. This can help your industry leaders and managers to understand the functioning of the organisation. With flexible creation of survey, you have the ability to access the right engagement surveys and build the most flexible survey builder. With role-based dashboards along with reporting features, you can empower your team with more personalised dashboards. You can get the needed support while dealing with customisable, built-in reports. You would know where your attention should be and thus you can improve your employee engagement activities. With the guided action planning, you can track your overall improvements by leveraging action planning tools. This would ensure that you are going on the right track.

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What are the features of SAP SuccessFactors for Employee Engagement?

With SAP Success Factors, you can get a clear idea on the technology gap between resources, IT investments, and services you need to avail to meet every employee’s needs. You can tailor all the data exports to get real-time employee feedback. With key-driver analysis, you can prioritise on what is needed and act accordingly. By enabling real-time dashboards, you would know where your employee would need support or additional training. With the support of AI-fuelled text analytics, you can get structured insights with clear employee feedback on sentiment scores, topics and trends. This would allow you to take action on the right matter. With digital intercepts and ticketing, you can meet employees digitally and get clear insights on their experience with technology.

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What are the benefits of SAP SuccessFactors- Employee Engagement solution?

Improve your employee engagement considerably with SAP. These are plenty of advantages you can focus on. 

• With this out-of-the-box solution, you can expect work-life balance, rewards and work effectiveness among your employees.
• You can also make analytical decision that would suit your business well. 
• Right from managing employee assets, compensation, recognition and communication, you can handle everything effectively.

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