Benefits of SAP Business ByDesign – Localization

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SAP Localization toolkit comes with loaded capabilities when you want to grow your business elsewhere. Let's understand it deeply!

So, what is SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offered by SAP SE. It provides integrated business management capabilities for small to mid-sized companies, including finance, accounting, human resources, procurement, and customer relationship management.

The SAP Business ByDesign Implementation is designed to be easy to implement and use, with a flexible and scalable architecture that can support the growth of a business over time.

The localization toolkit has many capabilities that form a part of SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Cloud Applications Studio. This toolkit allows you to adapt or extend that standard ByDesign solution based on customer requirements.


With all the inapt capabilities that form part of the ByDesign solution, you can best use extensibility features like extension fields. In addition, the toolkit would let every user develop capable software artefacts like application exit implementation code, configuration content, additional forms and reports.

SAP Business ByDesign Implementation partner like iQuantM Technologies helps you build solutions that will matter much in the future. You can enable the SAP Business ByDesign localization feature to build a strong rapport with your audience. It will help you take your Business to the next level.

What are the top features available in the localization toolkit?

SAP Business ByDesign Implementation partner in UK enables a country meant for a particular subsidiary or a customer. This way, you can effectively implement complete country localization. 

You need not determine or implement every local regulation. Still, you must implement those business process subsets and SAP business bydesign Implementation services that your subsidiary or customer would love to leverage. 

With single or multiple customer solutions, you can involve the following requirement: 

  • Identify the exemplary business practices as well as local regulations 
  • Transform all of these into business, legal or other software requirements 
  • Go on and implement all these requirements or modify your SAP Business ByDesign processes in the right way 


Satisfy all the tax reporting regulations and maintenance of the required solution through an SAP Business ByDesign Implementation Consultant.

These are the country versions that SAP Business ByDesign supports:

Standard Country

These are those countries where SAP would provide everyone with a country version. It can go about and support every customer who is running their Business with SAP Business ByDesign as per local standards and international standards.

SAP Business ByDesign Solution supports customers who run their
businesses across the globe. It might also include the following such as:

Functional Localization:

The SAP Business ByDesign Solution in UK can enable legal compliance by following the best practices. Industry-specific topics would not be covered in the SAP country version, but your SAP partner would be able to handle it.


It would go on to ensure that proper support is offered to local culture and languages. A few generic topics we need to consider are currencies and Unicode. Time zones, script directionality and calendars should also be noted.

You can leverage the Documentation and UI specific to certain cultures and languages with translation.

Tax Basic Country:

With Tax Basic Country, you can enable a few important tax events along with tax codes. In non-EU countries, there are 8 taxation events. There are 12 EU countries for domestic sales and purchases, import, export and reverse charge. For every taxable country, you have a standard and zero VAT rate. For tax-basic countries, you enable a generic tax return.


You have a solution that would go well for people across the globe with SAP Business ByDesign. It is a product that would fit well with businesses worldwide.

To conclude

How about enabling localization with SAP Business ByDesign? iQuantM is here to help you out. So let’s join hands to get a grip on SAP Business ByDesign for your Business.

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